Friday, June 18, 2010

Thomas' Big Day

Well, first we notice that tooth #15 has popped through.

I have never known a baby to have so many teeth so young. He is just over a week in to being 16 months old!

Tooth #16 will likely be here any day now, and he will have a complete set until he is around 3. Or maybe not--he is so far ahead, maybe he will have everything by age 3!

And, to top off a day of Thomas news...look what my little stinker can do now!!!

I have decided that this is Aunt Ruth's fault ;) he he :)

She walked him up the stairs in the choir loft and let him turn the fan switch on and off.

When she went to go and read to Gracie, Thomas wanted to turn the switch on and off some more. So, one of the choir girls (whom ALL adore him) took him up and did it a few times until she got tired. Thomas could do this all day, so the next thing I know he is going up the shallow carpeted steps himself!

So, I guess he figured, "if I can do it at church, why not here at home."

I guess it is now time for a baby gate across the steps. We hadn't done it before because he was not interested in them, and I knew if I put up a gate it would be dangerous for us adults, and he would become very interested in what we were trying to keep him from--he works that way. Plus, I never take my eyes off of him for a second, so he was never in danger of getting to close to the steps to begin with.

Whew! A new challenge for Mommy!


Aunt Ruth said...

So . . . you want to blame this one on me, do ya? It's just called "adventure".

Candice said... I'm even more thankful for my one level house now! Elliott said he's putting one of those little sliding lock things at the top of door leading to our basement stairs when our kid starts walking. He'll put it way up high where only we can reach.