Thursday, July 01, 2010

16 Teeth, 16 Months

Here's hoping his six year old molars don't come in early! He has a mouth full, which he unfortunately still chooses to use in not very "healthy" activities. Poor Gracie. Although, his bites are fewer and far between and we can usually catch him before he actually sinks his teeth in. This is something we continue to discipline...and work on. And, while we abhor the "biting" episodes no matter how rare--you have to feel sorry for him. So much discomfort at his very young age!

We have also retired the old binks and have bought new "orthodontic" ones as you could start to see his teeth making their way outward. My hope is after this tooth comes-- all the way through-- -binks will only be for bedtime.

Wish us luck! Gracie was "off the bink" days after her third birthday. We were told kids need to be completely rid of pacifiers by age 3. Those were some very hard, and very long nights.

Here's an updated chart for our little tooth-full wonder...

As you can see we can expect some more molars by 20 months, and then maybe we are done until he is 6!! Whew! Of course that means Gracie's molars should be coming in soon as well. And, for all of you inquiring minds--that pesky loose tooth STILL hasn't come out yet!

**The above picture was taken a few days before #16 popped through, but it gives a good illustration of just how full that mouth is! Click to enlarge all photos ***

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