Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fancy Girls Lunch

You can imagine the excitement around our house this morning as my 6 year old awaited a much anticipated "Fancy Girls Lunch" with her kindergarten teacher, and her choir teacher from church.

I had asked these two very sweet and wonderful women if they would like to have a fun lunch with Gracie this summer before we had to move. Since both are teachers, they don't have to be at school all day, although I am sure they have tons they do during these three months.

Today seemed to suit both ladies, and I was so pleased they were willing to take time to come over.

I pulled out my finest plates and cups, I laid out cloth napkins and even polished the silver that hasn't been used but maybe twice since I got it before our wedding almost 10 years ago.

I prepared fancy sandwiches (that's bread with the crusts cut off) and orange salad, I set out bowls of strawberries and grapes along with crackers and cube cheese.

We had pink lemonade to drink, of course.

What a fun time my fancy little girl had. She took each of her teachers to see her room and she was of course decked out in fancy attire herself.

Ms. Orndorff had to leave right after lunch, but Ms. Karen stuck around and played ponies with Gracie in her room for almost an hour after lunch. I can not tell you how much this made her day!!

We have been so blessed to have these ladies in our daughter's life...and ours. What other teachers would be willing to come to a 6 year old's birthday party and a fancy lunch with no crusts?!

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