Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's A Girl!

Baby "J" cooperated today and we are all very excited that Candice & Elliott will soon welcome a baby girl.

Well, all of us that is except Gracie. Why? We haven't told her yet.

Several months back Gracie made Candice the cutest little card and inside she has a "check one" chart that she drew. She had Boy and the "yes" or "no". And then of course Girl: "Yes" or "no." Candice is going to send the card back with the appropriate box marked. I can't wait to see her reaction, in fact I want to try and video it.

She of course wants Candice to have a little girl so it can "be just like me!" And, being a 6 year old who is ALL GIRL, she of course favors the pink gender. She tried to hide her disappointment when Thomas turned out to be a "brother" or as she calls him these days: "a bother," instead of a sister.

She was going to call her sister "Sally." No word on what she thinks Candice's baby's name should be.

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Candice said...

We are thrilled that we will welcome a baby girl into our home in a few short weeks! Poor Elliott will be out-numbered, but you and I know that he'll be just fine. Remember him playing ponies with Gracie? And the Mrs. Potato Head? Morgan has been teaching him all about Polly he's good to go!