Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas At Grandma's

It was a busy weekend and Gracie and Thomas got plenty spoiled. They also got to see the "cous-its"--almost all of them! Brian and Dawn brought children Jacob (and wife Anna and daughter Kaylin), Emily, Isaac, Sue-Anna, Mark & Matthew. Mariah was unable to attend.

So it was a house full of kids at Grandma's and they were all bouncing off the walls from the doting and the sugar.

I found the cutest craft idea and my kids had matching Christmas shirts and pants. You know me.

Let's see, Thomas got homemade cloth books, cars, a coloring book and much more. Gracie got My Little Pony mermaids, Hello Kitty games, beads, and much, much more.

Thomas also got a trip to the mall where he refused to see Santa, more than a whole cup of coffee fed to him spoon by spoon by Grandpa, rides on the train, and was dubbed "fan and light police" by all of us.

Gracie got to see Santa, ride on the train, get several rides through the hallway on the rolling computer chair powered by Grandpa, a soak in the tub with more toys than water, Wii fun with Grandma and apparently the opportunity to do everything mommy said she couldn't.

They aren't spoiled are they?!!

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Candice said...

Love the shirts!!!