Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Sweets

There is way too much sugar in this house!

How do I know? My kids are bouncing off the walls.

Although, they really haven't been eating that much--just making things.

Gracie and I made a Gingerbread kit today. We got this huge craft from Costco and it made Santa's house and toy shop. Super cute. It took a long while to put it together, but the final outcome is pretty cute.

And, of course we had to make some Christmas cookies for Santa.

Lots and lots of sugar today--but I am not sure that any of it is the reason the kids are so excited ;)

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Aunt Ruth said...

Last year I remember (if you weren't paying real close attention)that 1/2 a bottle of colored sugar went on just about every cookie. There just weren't enough sprinkles and colored sugar and toppings to go around for all the cookies! :)