Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Snow Play Day

It wasn't the season's first snow--that happened Monday--but it was the first day the kids went out and played in the snow.

Gracie is out of school today, and will likely be again tomorrow (which will really upset her since it was Polar Express/Pajama party day) because of the season's second snow storm.

Thomas was pretty indifferent to the cold white stuff. In fact, I brought him back in after a short period of time because he didn't like to be cold and wet.

Gracie however, had a great time. She and daddy threw snowballs at each other and she made snow angels and just ran around like a silly person.

I brought out the laundry basket for a sled ride for Thomas--but he wasn't so sure. We got him to the bottom of the street (hill!) and I asked Garren if he was smiling, he said "no." Apparently he was thinking "this is it?" He got out and walked his way back up the street.

Gracie was jealous and wanted a turn. I am not sure how she squeezed in that basket, but she didn't go very far, very fast.

I brought Thomas in and we watched from the front door.

It seems all of the neighborhood children were having a good time outside in the snow.

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Jessica said...

The good ol Clothes basket gets used again.. YAY for you guys! I remember seeing the first picture of you and Gracie using the clothes basket as a sled. Miss you guys