Friday, December 31, 2010

The Happily 2010 For Friends & Family

Brides And Grooms Exchanging Vows...

Shira Hartsook & Scott Evans
July 27


Karen Tignor & David Smallwood

Beautiful New Babies....

Jolee Ella GeFellers
August 22
to Candice & Elliott GeFellers

Devon Alexander Stewart
October 8
to Stefanie & Doug Stewart

New Big Sisters & Brothers

Big brother Colton & big sister Dorie welcome
Ryson Lee Walters
March 3
(parents Abby & Jamie)

Big brothers DJ, Ryan & Casey welcome
Charles Thomas Walsh
September 7
(parents Heather & Kenny)

Big brother Ethan, big sisters Ella & Grabriella welcome
Holden Reichard
November 18
(parents Kelly & Dan)

Graduating Seniors....

Kayla Racey
Strasburg High School

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Candice said...

2010 brought a great blessing to our home!