Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowy Wait For School

Clearly Mechanicsville doesn't "freak out" about snow as much as Strasburg did.

I went to get Gracie up for school this morning when I saw that the ground was covered in snow!

So, before I woke her up and started the morning "struggle," I had Garren help me check websites and TV and such. But, nope--no closing or delay.

We had just a little while to catch the bus and I didn't want to run with the now inch or more of snow covering our sidewalk and yard.

I bundled her up and checked again--nope--nothing.

We opened the front door and saw the other mom walking her child down and we slowly caught up to them. She told me the same things--she had checked and checked.

It wasn't but a minute later that the bus pulled up. I was surprised--I figured she would be a few minutes behind waiting for straggling children whose parents were also taking it slow and double checking the TV and radio.

Of course now the snow is falling hard and I am wondering how long it will be before they send them back home.

The snow really isn't sticking to the street, and there wasn't any on the roadways in our neighborhood when I walked her to the bus stop. But, now you can see it is starting to do so.

Maybe things just run more smoothly here in the "big city."

The kids didn't seem to care. In fact, my daughter was trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

I doubt the kids will learn much at all today with all of this excitement! (Although Gracie's room has no window or door to the outside, so they may settle down--eventually!)

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