Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Year Check Up

The big boy and I went to his first pediatrician visit since we moved this morning. I feel so blessed to have such healthy children. Gracie didn't see a doctor for a non-wellness visit until she was 5. Thomas hasn't been for one yet!

But, today he had to go--for a check up.

He of course screamed his head off, but in between screams (and during) his blood was tested for anemia (apparently a standard for 2 year olds now) and he was fine, he was tested for autism (also apparently a new standard for 24 months) and he passed that with flying colors. He got 2 shots, and the wonderful doctor chatted with me about his progress.

He still remains below the 50th percentile in weight, and the 25th percentile in height. I am trying not to let this get to me. He is clearly growing at his own pace. (Mommy never was very good or graceful for getting less than 92 percent--an "A" on anything!)

We talked about his speech, and our options. She didn't seem concerned, but picked up on my concerns. Her benchmark is that he can put 2 words together. He does that some, but not a lot. She also said as long as he can communicate with us, he is doing okay.

He is so far ahead in all other ways of growth. He can physically do more at his age than other kids, and more than Gracie did (jump, throw and catch a ball, stomp, climb, etc..)--he just lacks the speech. And, she was pleased to hear how hard I was working on it. He and I do flashcards, and word books, and finger plays and oh so much more. And, I told her how thankful we were for baby sign language! I don't think I could have made it without having that as an outlet for the both of us!

So, my little stinker is doing well, and we will keep hammering away at it.

Garren attempts to soothe me and tell me that Thomas is the same way he was as a child. And, while I get that it is supposed to make me feel better--again, I don't do well when I am not getting an "A." Besides, I don't want him to be like daddy...or mommy either..I want him and his sister--to be better!

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