Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday Kisses

Thomas has been covered in birthday hugs and kisses today. So many people wished him a Happy Birthday, I wanted to keep track of them all. So I printed a picture of him and hung it on the wall next to his seat at the table. And, I added hugs and kisses from everyone who wished him a happy birthday on the computer, or called, or sent him a card.

Well, I think I got everybody--it has been a super crazy day :)

Thank you all so much for thinking of my little munchkin. He had a pretty good day. He started with a birthday phone call from Aunt Ruth, and ended the day with car cookies mommy made for his special day. He also got open several cards that came in the mail this week that I saved for today.

If he could express himself, or even know that it was his birthday...he would say thank you!

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