Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Countdown Is On

With the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head since Thomas' birthday...things around here have been very unsettled, and very pouty lately where big sister is concerned.

If I had a dime for every time she asked me "how many more days until my birthday?!"

So, being the creative me, I made her a countdown calendar. And, it is likely the most elaborate countdown ever!

She loved the movie "Tangled" (it's about Rapunzel), and so going with that theme, I had the great idea to countdown the days on her super long hair. But, to make it more fun, she can cut the braid at the end of each day until there is one left.

I braided many, many strands of yellow yarn, and and added rubber bands along the braid. Then, I cut dollar store flowers off of a tiny pot arrangement and added numbers. I then glued the flowers in her hair at the rubber bands.

Let me just say that Gracie LOVES it!

She cut of the hair tonight, and you could see her grin in outer space I am sure!


Candice said...

So cute!
I still like the "sippy cup" idea for the lunchbox!

Grandma said...

Very cute idea (of course). I know Gracie really does love it as she continually talked about it during our phone conversation yesterday. Way to go (again) Mommy!

Aunt Ruth said...

OK. I'm serious. . . I want to work with you to write a book of all these incredible, phenomenol things that you do and come up with for your children. You need to share these with the world! Too wonderful to keep to yourself and if people aren't checking out your blog, then they're missing out. . . . .