Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Dawn

Well her birthday isn't until Monday, but Uncle Brian invited us all to Danville to celebrate Aunt Dawn's xx birthday :) (Yes, I know how many, but consider this my extra gift to her :)

I made her a birthday cake to pay homage to the awesome gift he got: her won bathroom and a jacuzzi tub! As a mother of 6, step mom to 1, grandma to 2, and someone who does more than 5 women put together--she completely deserves this gift!!

Thomas and Gracie really liked her did the 4 kids that still live at home. I am hoping Uncle Brian got a lock for that door!

The kids had a good time at the cookout and party for Aunt Dawn, mostly playing with their cous-its.

We hope Aunt Dawn had a fun day, and hope she has a great day on Monday!


Candice said...

Cutest cake yet!!!

Erin Van Berkel - Tennant said...

You don't know me, but I came across this picture while looking through "Aunt Birthday" images and I LOVE it! I'm SO all about bubble baths and it sounds like your aunt really deserves a FABULOUS one! :)