Friday, February 18, 2011

Mileage Help

Gracie is really getting into the ongoing racing competition among her classmates. She has been bummed that "everyone has colored more squares than me!"

I promised her that once the weather is nice and Thomas sniffles are gone, we would go in the afternoon's and add on more miles.

So, today we did.

Aren't you loving this spring like February weather?!!

Gracie added another mile to her chart, and now we have one at home that we can use to keep track of how she is doing!

I made the chart today, and I am quite proud of how it came out. Plus, by making the chart I quickly realized that there are only 7 weeks until the end of the challenge instead of the 10 that the paper listed! So, that's 4 miles a week! But, we can do it.

And, Gracie is now saying she wants to do the kids race. She apparently thought she had to run a marathon for it ;) She was relived, and now excited to know it is only a mile. In her words "I can do that!"

Cheer Gracie on as she attempts to get 26 miles, and a medal before April, and when she runs her first race on April 2nd!

You can keep track of her progress with the ticker I made and added to the top right hand side of the blog.

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