Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day In First Grade

Thomas got to share Valentine's Day with his big sister...and 16 other first graders today.

With daddy doing duty with the General Assembly, I didn't have someone to watch Thomas while I took in goodies to Gracie's class today.

I had made candy airplanes for her and her classmates, and Thomas and I brought them to class.

The kids instantly fawned all over Gracie's little brother. Thomas wasn't so sure about the hoards of "big kids" that started to surround him. But, as long as I was holding him--he was okay.

We only stayed for a few minutes, and Gracie passed out her airplanes. But, I did manage to snap a class picture for Miss. Anderson.

You can see just how super proud and happy Gracie was to have her mom and baby brother in the classroom. And, I was proud too. I have to say there is something pretty special when you walk in to a classroom and hear several kids say "it's Gracie's mom!"

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Candice said...

Fun! Only 16 kids??? That's a dream!!