Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Valentine's Love

I have several ideas planned for the kids this month, and you can help share the love with my two Valentine's.

I made them valentine "mail bags" after I saw the cutest craft idea inspired by chair-back mail bags sold in Pottery Barn.

I think they came out super cute!

So, now I (we) need to fill them!

I have other special ways to show the kids how much I love them and I will show those in different posts, but for now you can send the kids Valentine's and I will put them in their mail bags.

We LOVE mail, so if you want to send the kids Valentine's through the post office we would love to get them, but if you are out of stamps and don't have the time....pick on below!

I made a sheet of Valentine's for each child, and labeled them with numbers. In the comment section, pick a number and write the inscription you would want on it--and I will print it out (did I mention I got a new printer?!) and put it in their mail bags.

(click on the images to make them bigger so you can see the cards and their corresponding numbers)


Mamaw and Papaw said...

#7 for Thomas- Mamaw and Papaw love you very much!
#14 for Gracie- Mamaw and Papaw love you very much!
Happy Valentines Day to all!

Katie said...

G-6 for Gracie--Happy Valentine's Day from Stella

T-12 for Thomas--Happy Valentine's day from Stella

Aunt Ruth said...

G11 - for Gracie (of course!)
Happy Valentine's Day
Aun'tea' Ruth and Uncle George

T8 for Thomas
Happy Valentine's Day
Aunt Ruth and Uncle George (and Curry, too!)

Amy said...

I kept meaning to put real ones in the mail...

g13- to gracie from Carrington
t3- to thomas from taylor, jonas, mason, and sullivan