Sunday, June 05, 2011

Boys Fashion

I am apparently VERY behind in my graduation cards, because in the past 2 years I missed many many graduations from the fashion police academy!

I have been bothered by this for months, and wanted to blog about it--but my son--who is the subject of such scrutiny keeps me rather busy.

Now, I don't know what is so compelling about a little boy for friends, random strangers, and especially family to comment on his appearance--but I guess it is an impulse that inflicts the inability to keep ones mouth closed.

I have had many hateful and rude remarks made to me about how I raise Gracie, but when it came to what I put her in, the numbers were few. Oh, I got a few. They range from innocent joking "does she actually own pants?!" to hateful "no child should own that many dresses!" But, the judgement over my parenting was pretty limited in the fashion department. I will say however that many people loved the outfits I would put her in....when she was small.

But along came the boy. Suddenly fewer people have a problem with how I am raising this child. I guess because he has boy parts he will magically be fine despite my efforts. Who knows. But, Lord do I get an ear full on his appearance.

Seriously? You think that because I put him in a bow tie he is going to be warped for life? His hair gets longish and he will instantly become a hippie?!

So it's okay to dress a toddler girl in a mini-skirt and a crop top and say she is "too cute," but if a toddler boy doesn't sustain a "manly" attire at all times he will be what...? I am not stupid, I know what every one thinks he will be--I just won't type it because Gracie sometimes reads this blog, and I so don't want to have that discussion.

I sat back and took the insults poorly disguised as "two-cents" when it was just Gracie, but I am bit more confident ( or maybe my fuse is shorter) now and I find the backwards comments about how I dress my kid ridiculous.

I like smocked things--even for a boy. I like dressing them alike. He won't smother in a bow tie, he won't shrivel up in gingham, he won't pull it back in a pony tail if his hair gets a little long, a button up shirt and a vest are quite dapper and will not seep through and make him "soft."

Here's the long and short of it. You got/get to dress your kids in anything you like. This is one of the cool parts about being a mom. You dress your kid, I will dress mine. I will NOT be critiquing his or her style and I would appreciate the same from you.

Seriously--he's two! And too too cute. They are all just so jealous!


Grandma said...

Relax,Thomas looks cute no matter what he is wearing - of course so does Gracie. Stop worrying over rude, ridiculous, comments from so-called family and friends. Thomas will be dressing himself soon enough. Enjoy it while you can!

Candice said...

He's adorable! YOU are the Mommy!!! I love smocked things for both boys and girls. Do you check

Cheryl said...

Smocked clothes are beautiful on boys and girls alike. All of my children wore smocked clothes when I could find them. Thomas is very cute in the little rompers he wears, of course he's cute in anything he wears!