Sunday, June 05, 2011

Clothing Rules

Okay, so my last blog post sparked quite a discussion amongst my Facebook friends, and one of them said she had over heard other moms saying "I wouldn't let my son wear that" and they were talking about her child! Why we women tear each other down I will never understand.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. I do not need to justify my clothing choices, but I thought I would tell you how I make my attire rules.

For both kids:

I said I would not let my child run around in just a diaper, and that was one "I swear" that I made happen. Now, that doesn't count the few times they escaped me as toddlers when I was trying to dress them--but you will likely not find a single picture posted anywhere with out my children in at least a onsie. I don't care how hot it is--I just don't want my kids in nothing but diapers.

For Gracie:
She doesn't have to wear dresses. She happens to like them! Yes, I put them on her for most of her little life, but when she was old enough to get interested in dressing herself she wanted the dresses too! She loves to see the ones mommy finds for her at thrift stores, and the ones I make. Now, she does own pants and shorts. I have made no secret about the fact that I don't like denim, but she does have some. When it comes to shorts, I buy her boy shorts because she will not leave this house with short shorts on unless a dress is over top.

1. no shorts shorter than an inch to 2 inches above her knee. That's not a measured law, that's just about my mental measurement.

2. She always wears shorts or pants under her dress. She has never left he house post age 4 without them.

3. no printed tee-shirts for school. She has them for around the house, but I don't like her to wear them to school. She wears plain shirts or dressy shirts, and of course she can wear her MES t-shirt.

4. She wears sensible shoes! My child is not allowed to wear flip flops out of the backyard. (And she wouldn't have them at all unless grandma hadn't bought her some!) She has never owned or worn sandals or slip on shoes. We will not buy her trendy tennis shoes either. She can pick her colors and designs from good brands that we approve of. This comes from her want for Sketchers. No way! They are not good supportive shoes and she just wants them because they have a commercial targeting kids!

5. She will look like a 7 year old, or as close as I can get. I am very careful as to hem lines, length, shoulder straps, etc. As you can imagine I don't find much at all in a store for her! Most of the things I purchase are from the thrift store--because those are the clothes that meet my standards.

6. We don't buy trendy labels either. I was once asked what I was going to do when Gracie got to Kindergarten and wanted to wear what the other kids were wearing. I believe the person who asked that was floored when I said "we don't do that in our house." Meaning, we don't get clothes and other items just becuase someone else has them. I will instil that value into our children. They need to be who they are and be liked, not try to be someone else. Now, Garren and I have discussed that when they want the trendy clothes they can have them--they will just be paying for them themselves!

7. As for swimwear--this mama doesn't allow 2 pieces! I think Gracie has owned ONE two piece in her life (that I can remember), and it was when she was less than a year old at our first trip to the beach. I had gotten some swimsuits from a yard sale and was pleased to find them so cheap as we had very little money! You know I still shiver when I see the picture of her in it. I really don't like it on her at all. She is still adorable mind you--but I just don't like the way it looks. And yes, a one piece is a nightmare for potty training. But, you deal.

For Thomas:

Well, I don't really have that many "rules" yet--and no it isn't because he is a boy--he just isn't old enough to be interested in his own clothes, so I can buy and dress him in whatever I want. I will tell you though I hate colored tennis shoes! I can't find a pair of white shoes for him to save my life! Yuck!

Oh, and I don't do camouflage. Nope--just not happening on my baby boy. I won't do guns or hunting or fishing tee-shirts either, so don't buy them for him. I will thank you and then shove them in the back of a drawer and they will never see the light of day.

Now, many of these other moms I was talking with warned me to enjoy dressing the kids now because they will do it themselves in a few years. And, yes that will likely happen--but there will still be some serious rules about what is appropriate at school, home and church!


Candice said...

Oh, I love dresses, and dresses are just easy and cool on a hot day! I'll do LOTS of dresses. I refuse the "run around in a diaper" thing too. I do let her wear just a onsie (girlie one that is) now that it's so hot. I still prefer a dress on her. Sketchers are AWFUL!!!! Trust me...I bought a pair,and they are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned. NO camo here either. Someone bought her a camo dress. I sent thank you and packed it away. You know my thoughts on country hillbilly junk. I would have totally freaked out over that "cowgirl" play that Gracie was in. I swear, I couldn't have let my girl be in it. You KNOW why!!

Grandma said...

YEA MAMA !!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work !!!!!!