Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Grade Awards Day

My Gracie looked as pretty as the sunshine today--which was fitting because it was unbelievably hot outside, and it was First Grade awards assembly day.

I knew she had to have a special dress for the occasion so I made the one she is wearing Monday. Well, I hated it. It looked awful. I mulled over it for 2 days and decided against trying to rush an make a new one. And then it hit me! It reminded me of the sun, so I was a sewing rebel and I took a sharpie permanent marker and wrote the lyrics to "You are my sunshine" in the hem. I LOVED it! Now, I needed something for the collar. Well, I decided on her inital. Monogramming and embroidering are big now, and I kind of liked the look. Well now the dress looks awesome and I love it and so did she!

Back to the awards. Each first grader got at least 2 awards. Gracie got a "Super Reader" award and another citizenship award. She was also given an award for having her artwork on display at the county arts & sciences festival.

It didn't matter how many awards she walked away with--mommy is always super proud of her first grader!

This morning I left Thomas at home with daddy. We talked to Gracie about this and she was okay with leaving brother at home. I told her it was just so hard for us to focus on her and he has such a hard time sitting still for something so quiet and important. I figure I will take him with me next week for one of her fun days at school.

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Candice said...

Congratulations, Gracie!! You have worked so hard and learned so much in first grade!!