Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Week Of First Grade

It's the last week of school here in Hanover County, and while 99.9% of the entire student body is excitedly counting down the days to "no more teachers, no more books," my Gracie is walking around like she lost her best friend.

Poor Gracie, she is like her mommy. She loves school and her teacher so much. She told me "and if we had a vote, I wouldn't win because everyone wants school to be over!"

Miss. Anderson is doing her best to make these last days memorable and fun.

Today was chalk day. The kids got to bring in chalk to school and they had extra fun outside making pictures on the sidewalks. I sent in a TON of chalk with Gracie and she was sure to share with all of her friends. It was also "favorite book day." Gracie took in Chester. She said it was the first book Miss. Anderson choose to read to the class.

Tuesday is bubble and movie day. I have bought a large collection of bubble supplies from the Dollar Store, and while I was at Walmart I found Fern Gully in the $5 bin. Gracie was having a hard time picking out a movie to take in since it can NOT be Disney. I don't know why--it is the school's policy. It also has to be G (which I understand), but I was shocked to find that Happy Feet was PG!

Wednesday is games and puzzles day.

Thursday will be another movie day and they will have Popsicles.

I hope to get to go in for at least one of the fun days. I am kind of waiting on the man to fix my car first.

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Candice said...

I loved school like Gracie did, but I sure did enjoy my time at home with my mama in the summers too!