Wednesday, June 01, 2011


What is so special about these letters?

My Thomas knows them!

It all started with the letter "B" last week. He pointed it out on the keyboard, and he could find it in the refrigerator magnets. I figured it was a fluke.

Today he brought me a magnet and said "R!" And sure enough it was the letter "R." I got so excited, and he giggled at mommy's happy dance.

Tonight he crawled in his daddy's lap begging to play "game! game!" on his laptop. We play the games on Fisher, and he can do the alphabet zoo one himself and push a letter and an animal pops up. Well, he hasn't been doing that game for long--but it is working!!

So, daddy didn't want to turn the "game" on, but Thomas started pointing to letters on the laptop to try and further communicate that he wanted the game to come up. I listened proudly and intently as he said more and more letters with daddy replying "yes! that's the letter (fill in the blank)!"

Okay, so a "normal mom" response would be to smile proudly and take it all in stride. My response: Facebook about it, blog about it and make a run to the Dollar Store for alphabet flash cards.

Hey, I am who I am :)


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Great job Thomas! YEA !!! Keep up the good work! Before long you will spell...... T - H - O - M - A - S !

Candice said...

Wooo hoo!!! Good work, Thomas!!!