Thursday, July 28, 2011

My 2,000th Post

This month is my blog-a-versary....yep, I made that up...but I have been blogging now for 6 years! Wow!

And not only that, many of you have been reading my excitement, my disappointment, my anxiety, pride, enthusiasm, and complaints...not to mention my misspellings 2,000 times now.

This post is officially my 2,000th!

Wow--I am a blabber mouth--or blabber fingers? But, hey, you've been listening/reading, so I guess that makes you nosy too huh? :)

Curious about what got it all started? Well, my friend Shannon was pregnant with her first child (Luke) and she started a blog and emailed all of us to tell us about it and how we could follow along with her pregnancy. As soon as I saw it--I wanted one! Garren rolled his eyes at the idea--but look at me now! I had to have a place to show of my Gracie! Well, I wanted to show her off, but I also instantly knew it was a great way to share my daughter and our adventures with family and friends all across the globe. Sometimes, technology is awesome!

Wanna read (or re-read) my first post? You can see it here: My first blog post, July 2005

So, Happy Blog-a-versary to me!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Blahs

Now don't you all flood the comment section, I am not depressed, I just am not a fan of summer.

It is too hot! I hate the heat--the oppressive, can't breathe heat that comes with summer and apparently this part of the world. Not, that we are that far from Strasburg, but I have decided summer was more tolerable there.

So, I am super far behind in blogging, but truthfully, there isn't a ton to blog about. I have been sewing, the kids have been playing, we've done lots of crafts and projects, the garden is giving us minimal results, we have been going to church, we go to the library once a week and Gracie has spent a week at Grandma's.

There is no real relief from the heat, so we are staying inside, and even though there are tons of amusement parks within an hour, and a beach front within 1.5 hours--we haven't gone anywhere. We tried a park with a water attraction inside once, but we had to leave after 23 minutes because of a storm.

I feel like the kids have been cheated in away. We have zero access to a pool (and we don't want to play literally hundreds of dollars to join one), so I have bought two blow up pools now. The first one was thrown away because I didn't keep it clean, and the second on is more of a splash pool, but so far it is still hanging in there on the rare evenings it is cool enough to let them outside. Gracie is out of school, but we haven't done anything extra like the movies, or a vacation, or other summer activities.

Garren's work schedule doesn't allow for extra days off, and when the weekends get here he wants to make his lawn pretty and relax...and if you have (ever had) a toddler, you would understand how nearly impossible it is to do something "extra" without help.

So: blah.

I think I might actually be looking forward to September. I love fall anyway, and Gracie is super antsy without the structure of school.

We still have a month left before school though, and I bet it will be much like the past 2 months--just blah, and nothing outside of staying inside and staying cool. Kids arguing, making messes, me cleaning them up and playing referee.

Yep--nothing here to read folks!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Am So The "Cool" Aunt

I think I get bonus points today for letting my learner's permit carrying nephew drive my car to lunch after church, and then home from lunch.

Yep, I am the cool Aunt!

Out Of The Mouth Of Gracie

Mommy: Gracie, look those people have their clothes on a clothesline (mommy points this out because I doubt she has ever seen this "phenomena")

Gracie: "Yes, and I saw a sign at that street that said "no outlet" so they can't have a clothes store!

Mommy: Rolling!

Gracie spies Thomas in just his swim diaper as we head down the stairs to Grandma's pool... "Is Thomas going to swim male?"

You can thank grandma for that one since she points out all the things Thomas does as "being male."


Monday, July 04, 2011

And Up and Down, And Up And Down Day

First, I should say happy fourth, and second I will say good thing you weren't along for the Shipley family coaster ride today!

DOWN: We aren't going to Strasburg like we planned

UP: We find a water park inside a state park that looks like fun

DOWN: It starts storming (BAD!) after 23 minutes at the park

UP: Daddy decides to treat kids to McDonald's for dinner

DOWN: Power starts to go out in McDonalds and we take the bags and rush to the car

UP: Daddy promised ice cream at Sweet Frog

DOWN: Sweet Frog has outdoor seating (it is storming like CRAZY)

UP: Mommy makes kids matching t-shirts for the day

DOWN: There is no way we can go to a fireworks display with Thomas and storm

UP: Daddy buys fireworks to put off in front yard

DOWN: Kids are scared of them, Gracie hides, Thomas covers ears and both stay inside

UP: Mommy bought $1 package of glow sticks and kids have a great time with all the lights off inside.

We hope you all had a great 4th!