Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer's End

No, my 2,00th post wasn't my last....Candice! But, I have to admit it was my longest hiatus from blogging. Then again, this might have been the longest summer in Shipley history as well.

Nope, we didn't do anything, and to be honest there wasn't much to blog about...but in case you are just super curious, here's what you missed....

August 2

I took both little darlings to Pigtails & Crew Cuts (the place that does Thomas' hair so well) and they both got trims. This was Gracie's first salon experince as far as cutting...she got beautied once, but not her hair cut. And, Thomas was somewhat a trooper for his hair cut in the Police car again (I let her use the clippers for a closer cut at the neck--big mistake!!! He freaked).

Home Depot Kids Workshop & Grand Prize Winner!
August 6

We successfully took both kids to Home Depot and made projects and walked away with a baggy of free school supplies. Both kids were also entered in a drawing for a new backpack. And guess who won?!! Gracie!! She was so thrilled!

Thomas' 1/2 birthday
August 9

Who need a reason to celebrate their kids? Not me! I figured out when each of their half-birthdays would be back ion March when poor Gracie missed out on her birthday completely. I had been wanting to do a 1/2 birthday celebration since Candice shared the idea with me.

We had a half dinner (deviled eggs, PBJ sandwiches cut in half, half-full cups of get the idea) and a half cake and I (of course) included a theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Trust was super cute. He didn't have any idea what the celebration was for, nor did he really care, he was just thrilled I let him drink green cups of flavored water...oh, and he got cake.

The Earthquake
August 23

Odds are you didn't miss that one! But, whew--it shook all of us up really well. Well, not Thomas, he didn't even notice. Why? Well because he was throwing a fit about having to take a nap--and I thought the shaking was him jumping up and down. I quickly realized it wasn't and moved in to super mom mode. I was thrilled to know in an emergency I score a 10. I slammed down my salad bowl and ran up the stairs and grabbed my babies and ran down stairs again. It only lasted a few minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime. Poor Gracie was shaken for days! No one slept and we were all on edge. Thankfully she and her daddy talked it out and he shared with her charts and info and websites (She may look like me, but she thinks and acts so much like him!) and that helped her...and them both.

August 27-28

You may not have missed that one either--but as if we needed more drama! 4 days after the earthquake, or earth-quick as Gracie calls it, Irene shows up on our door step and didn't shut up for nearly 28 hours! So, she made us worry and fret and stay inside for two days...or and we had to wait to go on the planned vacation we had (for the first time in 4 years!)...and drive further to vacate than planned. But, she mercifully let us keep our power--so I guess I can't get but so mad--but I am pretty unhappy with her! We came out with no damage, just debris, and a re-nervous child.


Now that the countdown to school is on our lives will (HOPEFULLY!) be back on schedule and we can all settle in to a more familiar and easier pace (you hear that Thomas?!!)

So, consider my hiatus over and welcome back to my blog--you know you missed me! ;)