Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Day, A New Promise

Dear Tom,

We missed church yesterday.  

It always weighs on me when the kids and I miss services.  Admittedly, mostly I feel guilty. I feel guilty for not being a better mother and taking my kids to Sunday School and services. I feel guilty that the day is wasted.  It isn't wasted, but the guilt weighs me down for most of it and I walk around in a funk, and thus most of the day is gone before I pull myself together.  

But, aside from the guilt, I think the "funk" I feel is from the lack of renewal I usually get on a Sunday.

As a kid I hated Sundays!  My parents never wanted to do anything. Everyone just lay around the house all day.  We were kids and we wanted to do something! It was a day off school and it seemed so wasted.

Of course I am a parent now and I don't want to do anything on a Sunday except rest and it drives the kids crazy--circle of life I guess.

But, Sundays give me some sort of "renewed energy" for the week.  I feel better when I get home.  My mind and my heart are lighter as I fix lunch, or sit and listen to Garren yelling at the football players on TV while the kids nap or quietly play.

I never look forward the rush and hustle of Sunday mornings and kids and clothes and hurried breakfast and wiping sticky hands, and finding dress shoes. But, I look forward to the reverence, the quiet, the calm, and the feeling of reverent energy at the services end.

We all seem in a better mood when we leave church.

I have no doubt that you are able to do that for your congregation as well.  You feed more than their minds and hearts, you feed their souls.  It is just like friends and neighbors you haven't seen in a long time, when you meet again you feel renewed and your heart is filled once again.

It is easy to feel alone in this world, especially when you don't do much to make yourself less alone.  And it is easy to feel like things will never get better, or the load will never lighten.  It is easy to forget that God promises us a new day and a new start with each dawn.

I saw that promise in living color this morning and just had to share it with you.

Gracie rode off to school under the biggest, brightest, fullest rainbow I had ever seen.  It reminded me it was a new day.  I had new chances to begin again, and new opportunity to find a positive and hold on to it.  It filled me again, that rainbow.  It reminded me that each new day is a new promise, not just for small things like chances to be a better mother or wife, but for big promises like days ahead to visit a place that is more like home and see friends who are more like family, and share all the adventures we have like the last time talked was yesterday.  Those are the promises that get me through the months.  And the renewal I feel on Sundays is what makes those days and weeks and months more bearable.

Until we meet again,

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