Saturday, January 12, 2013

American Girl Morning

Gracie has been excited for days once I reminded her the American Girl "event" at the library was this weekend.

Gracie has quite the decision to make...which doll to take: LiAnna (her new doll) or Tabitha (tried and true doll)?

She ended up deciding that since Tabitha has gotten to do lots of other events and things and even go to school with her, LiAnna needed a turn.

(She is so funny how she reasons these things out :)

So...I stayed up way to late making them matching skirts.  Really, don't waste your time by pretending to be surprised!  I made my first ever "circle skirt" and it came out cute! Gracie loved the way it twirled, and I am sure LiAnna loved that it was just like Gracie's.

Just us girls drove to Ashland to find that branches library.  We always go here in Mechanicsville, but the sign we saw advertising it was disappointingly showed the Ashland branch was hosting it.

No, biggie.  I found it.

And so did 50+ other girls!!

The person who put together the event was that branches children's program director, and you could see her beam and get nervous all at the same time as girls, girls, girls, and more girls piled in all clutching their favorite dolls.

Gracie and I found our way to all of the craft tables and she managed to make a card, and we grabbed a felt craft to take home since all the needles and thread were in use, and she even got part of a snack before things ran out.

She didn't mind, and neither did I.  She was in little girl heaven, and she even found some girls to talk to and play with after she finished up her activities.

It was neat to see her this way. She was with other girls who understood her.  Too many little girls these days (it seems) are to interested in boys, music, and electronic gadgets instead of being little girls for the brief time it lasts.  The girls at the event were all much younger than Gracie, but none of them seemed to notice.  They also didn't notice what else I couldn't help but notice: they all had American Girl dolls, and my daughter had an off-brand.

Truly being innocent is a stage to be treasured and NOT rushed through.  Keep that in mind moms.  Our little ladies will all grow up fast enough as it is, no need to push them to go any quicker.

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