Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Go Outside And Play

It was a rare January day to be warm enough to send the kids outside.  It was far too nice to stay indoors and not soak up some fresh air. It was even warm enough for the kids to play without jackets.

And, since the temperatures were nice (though the sky never looked it all day), there was no excuse for me not to get the Christmas boxes out once again and put all of our holiday decor away.

It seemed easier to put it all up myself weeks ago.  It seemed much harder and far more bitter as I took it all down and packed it away myself.  I guess the holiday "spirit" helps move the decorating part along far more merrily.

But, it is done and I am thankful.

And, I am thankful the kids had a few hours to play outside, even though much of it consisted of them bickering.  I will take outdoor bickering, to indoor bickering any day.

Is it spring yet?!

1 comment:

Candice said...

These warm winter days give us spring fever! Jolee is counting down until Dollywood reopens!I think I am too!