Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thomas' First Birthday Party

Well, for someone that he isn't related to anyway!!

He was actually invited to his first party back in December by his preschool friends Eli & Matthew for their 4th birthday party, but we already made plans for Chirstmas in Lynchburg.

So, I was thrilled that he got another chance!  This time his best preschool friend Preston invited him and all of his classmates.

It was so neat to see him interact with his little friends, and to go and do something different.  He is so different from his shy violet sister!  He was shouting back answers to the people at the Romp And Roll facility he was excitedly participating, and joyfully jumping, romping, and rolling on everything!  I was exhausted (even more so) trying to keep up with him!

I wasn't sure how cake-time would go since this was another little boys party, but Thomas was so exhausted that he barely sat without slumping as Preston got his cake.  Now, he did of course cover his ears for the singing of Happy Birthday (he does that!  and for most other singing situations!), but he seemed to enjoy himself.  He was tired and got clingy for the cake part. He wouldn't eat his cake and he was so thirsty he drank his juice box in seconds flat.

I figured we were done, but nope, they announced more play time and he ran right ahead!

His favorite part was the trapeze! My little boy can swing!

I took as many pictures as I could, and I was sure to get a picture of Thomas and the birthday boy.  Sadly, Preston is moving away at the end of the month! Of course Thomas doesn't know, he wouldn't understand anyway--but it will be many weeks of questions and sadness when he realizes Preston isn't coming back to school.

But, for today the boys got to be bestest friends.

I only hope the kids will have just as much fun at Thomas' birthday celebration too!

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