Saturday, July 27, 2013

Papaw's Closest 1,000 Friends, and Us

Ok, it was actually 250 of his coworkers and all of their families, but those people put on quite a shindig!

His company used the 4-H camp and had so many things for the kids and families to do.  There was face painting and bouncy houses and food and cotton candy. And then there were the amenities AT the camp!

 Gracie shot a bow and arrow there and besides some nerves, did pretty well.

And, then, my husband took MY 4 YEAR OLD SON, and we to the shooting range. When he returned he proudly showed me a paper with holes in it.  His father had let him SHOOT A GUN when I wasn't looking!!

But, I digress....and attempt to calm down.

All three kids (mine, plus cousin Charlie) had a great time at the picnic and it was a really nice, although exhausting, day.

Thanks Papaw for taking us!

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Candice said...

It's such a nice place, and I love it there! I thought of Gracie when I was there with my students last school year, and I'm so glad she was able to shoot there. No worries about Thomas because it's totally safe there. I promise!