Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Great Sandwich Game Debate

I love Melissa and Doug.  They are geniuses.  And, if you are a mom, you know who they are too. Well, you know their high quality, really inventive toys and books they make anyway.

Now, Melissa & Doug are great at creating, they are great at quality, and they are awesome with colors and packaging.  But that is where our relationship ends.

I am a cheap mommy.  So, the Melissa & Doug things I have are coveted, and used. I have no shame in claiming a used toy or book or set from the thrift store.  Those puppies are made to last!

I think twice I have bought one of their items from an actual store.  I know one of the times was from Marshall's. Anyway, the point is--they are expensive.  Clearly, they are worth the price, but this ridiculous penny-pincher can't crack her wallet even knowing what I will get in return.

Now, most of M&D items are for younger children--much younger.  And, Thomas and Gracie are well beyond the age for those toys. I don't even look in that section in a store anymore.  But in Lynchburg last week, I fell in love with a M & D game I had never seen before. I knew they made a LOT of wooden things, and puzzles and food sets--but I hadn't seen games.

This one was too cute! It had over-sized felt sandwich pieces and 10 different ways to play the game.

It looked perfect for the kids to play together.

It is really tough finding something a 4 year old AND a 9 year old can do with each other, but this fit the bill.  But not my stingy sensibility.


$35--for a game!

An awesome game, yes.  But no!

I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I am on a mailing list for A.C. Moore since we have one here in Mechanicsville, and today was a 1 day only 55% off coupon on one item day. I mulled it over 10, 20, 30 times.

Even with the coupon it was slightly over $15. $15!!!

I really wanted it, and I knew I would not get another coupon like this for months.

I did it.

I bought the game.

And I was right. The kids loved it!

What a fun way to pass a VERY hot afternoon.

If you have a chance, check out this and their other games. There was a cute puppy one, and I might look in to that one if I ever get a good coupon again.  All of the games were $34.99, and I remember a frog one too.

These people know how to make toys! 

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