Friday, December 27, 2013

A (Almost) Whole Day With Bryce

When you are four, and you have a best buddy, and you have to wait two weeks to go back to school--you will be miserable, and drive your mama crazy!

I think maybe Bryce was begging to see Thomas too, because those boys bounced all day long!

We started out at Bryce's house and saw all of his new toys and played and played and played.  But, as you can imagine, 2 hours is not much among best friends... I loaded Bryce up and took him back to our house with us.

We had to stop and get some lunch supplies, but they didn't seem to mind.

Now, they could play and play and play with all of Thomas' new toys!  And, since it warmed up a bit, they could play with all of his new car stuff outside.

I did attempt to feed them lunch, but I may have gotten 5 bites a piece from them before they were off again.

These best buds played with everything inside and out, and they sat still for a few minutes to do the craft kit Uncle Brian had given Thomas for Christmas. It was TWO monster trucks and what a perfect number for best buds--especially since Bryce LOVES monster trucks.

They painted and put stickers on their final projects and then battled them against each other in the living room floor until Grace and Emmy came by to take Bryce home.

I think the boys needed their time together, and it was so much fun to watch them bounce and chatter and giggle again.

Two weeks is too long when you are four and you have a bestsest friend.

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Grace said...

Thank you so much for letting him play! Thomas will have to come home with Bryce one day after school. We got some truck magnets for Christmas that they can decorate with stickers and paint!