Friday, December 20, 2013

Gracie's 4th Grade Winter Party

I was asked to host this year's Winter Party for Gracie's school, and with a class of all girls, I was super excited to get creative.

I went with a slumber party theme and asked permission for the girls to come to school in their PJ's (of course our awesome teacher said yes!).

I borrowed an idea from Denise & Logan's wedding this summer, and collected 21 coffee mugs and had the girls "win' them by tossing a marshmallow in the cup and it would be theirs for the whole day and they could take it home as a souvenir.  Of course most of the girls cheated and kind of placed the marshmallow in the cup they wanted, but it was hilarious.

There was tons of food, and I had the bright idea to take in my crock pot and I mixed the hot chocolate and water in the pot and let it simmer and brought a ladle.  Wow, what a ton less mess that created!!!  I highly recommend this plan to any other room mom.  Of course the girls could also chose apple cider or water if they wanted instead.

In addition to food, I had a mom volunteer sprinkles, icing and a few moms to bake plain sugar cookies. Decorating their own cookie was a HUGE hit.

I found a hilarious game on Pinterest and brought plates for the girls. They had to place the plate on their heads and draw what I told them without peeking.  Several seemed to get frustrated (I knew where the A personalities were in the room), but when the directions were over the giggles erupted! It seemed to be great fun for them.

I also bribed them.  And, I was open about the bribe.

These girls are all into the rubber band bracelet things, so I brought in Christmas colored bands and told them if they would pose for a group photo I would give them out and they could make bracelets until their hearts content.

It worked like a charm.

I have hosted and planned many parties in my day, but I can not explain to you how different and wonderful it was this year. I won't say it is because it was all girls in the room, but really, that is the only difference. ;) I am so thrilled Gracie is in this class and will stay through 5th grade as well!

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Grace said...

You are so creative! I love all of your fun ideas. If the boys are together, you get to be room parent! I'll help, but you have way better ideas than I could ever have!