Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Movie, New Princess Love

Pretty sure the princess thing is going to last until college!

As a gift to Gracie from us, we promised a date to the newest Disney princess movie: Frozen.

I hadn't planned to take her on Christmas Day, but it was playing, and why not?!

So, just us two girls went.

It was a cute movie. A lot more singing in it than other Disney movies, almost a musical quality about it.

Mommy popped for the gigantic popcorn and two drinks (yes, you know this pained me since it was more than the movie tickets!!), and I sat for and hour and a half with a very excited nine year old.

It was a cute movie and had some great messages in it. Gracie said that she even was hard pressed to decide which her favorite movie was now: Tangled or Frozen! And, if you know her, that is a big deal. I enjoyed the movie, but I still think the movie depicting Rapunzel is the best they have made, and I have been to the theater to see every new princess since Tiana!

Of course the best part was getting to share that moment with Gracie. I don't take those opportunities as much as I should, and I am thankful for this one.

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Candice said... must let me know about her birthday because Disney Store has lots of stuff from this movie! My friend said that it's a musical. The picture of the two of you makes my heart smile!!