Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


We hope we helped make it a great one!

We love you!

Preschool Pajama Day!

It was a near thing!  That pesky snow was not melting yesterday and I was sure they would cancel school again today.  But, we were thrilled that it was only a two-hour delay. That meant preschool was still on.

Now, on Wednesday when they cancelled school, that meant also cancelling pajama day, and Grace and I had two VERY unhappy preschoolers on our hands (thus the sledding play date).  Thomas had even picked out new pajamas at the store Tuesday to wear.

Now, today was going to be Pillow Pet day anyway, so I asked (nicely--I promise) Mrs. Tammy in an email yesterday if the kids could just wear PJ's and bring Pillow Pets today.  Thankfully she had no problem with that idea, and all of us moms crossed our fingers for a day of school for our excited 4'sand 5's.

Thomas excitedly put on his new pajamas this morning, and I pushed Bingo (his puppy pillow pet) into a bag and I tossed his Clifford slippers in his back pack. I swear he asked me 20 times if it was time to go. Since it was a delay, his preschool was only from 10:30-12:30 today, so it was quite a wait. But, we made it!

I had planned to go in and get some pictures of the kids at school, but a BAD attempt at grocery shopping waylaid my plans.

He had a good day regardless. He said they watched Peter Pan the movie, and had pancakes.  A perfect wrap up to the letter "P" week!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Paige

We missed Paige's birthday on Sunday. 

Paige is the sweetest little girl from Thomas' preschool class, and she and Thomas have been going to story time at the library together since they were toddlers!

So, when we had to miss her party, thanks to that stinky stomach bug, we were all bummed.  Okay, I was bummed. I was NOT about to tell Thomas we weren't going to her birthday party. Neither of us needed that drama, especially since there was nothing that could be done about it.

I talked to Paige's grandma in the pick up line Monday when I handed her the birthday gift we would have brought (I made her a Cinderella dress and a matching headband--she apparently loved it!) and asked her about a mini celebration after story time Thursday.

She was game, and I was glad that snow wouldn't keep either of us from the library today.

I made the two friends matching Maisy birthday crowns, and we printed off some Maisy activities for her to take home to her house. After story time we drove over to Dairy Queen and got ice cream sundaes.  I was sure to grab some candles and a lighter before we left to make sure we did up our celebration right!

Paige seemed to have a great time, and Thomas loved getting to have some extra time with his friend.  Ice cream didn't hurt either! 

It was a sweet sugar-bration, unfortunately, it was one of those times my camera didn't do well for me, so my pictures aren't great to share--but, the point is that both preschoolers had a great time and Paige knew that she was celebrated...even a few days late.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best Snow Buddies

Our two preschool boys had another awesome snow day--this time they went sledding together.

Since school was out (again) today, and the kids had so much fun last week sledding at the hill behind Bryce's house, we made plans with Grace and her kids and met up for sledding on the fresh snow.

Watching those boys take turns going down that hill was a treat.  Of course I was perfectly happy to hang at the bottom of the hill and hold Emmy and take pictures. You know me--Snow Grinch all the way.  But, I smiled (a lot) this morning, it was neat to hear the boys giggling so hard, and to watch my cautious nine year old finally get brave and sled down the big slope.

Now at the Whitlock house, bouncing on a snow covered trampoline is a tradition for snow days, and my kids hadn't had a chance to experience this little snow day activity, so while I cleaned up sleds and strewn articles of winter clothing at the school the kids jumped and jumped.

By the time I arrived at Grace's (this body is not fit for jumping fences of any height so I rode in the car around the block to her driveway), my kids were wet, cold and ready to come inside.

I was smart and packed them a change of clothes, and I packed enough hot chocolate for everyone.

The kids had a great time warming up with hot chocolate, popcorn, and generally running around the house and playing.

Another awesome day with 3/4 of the Whitlock family--we are truly blessed to have gotten to know them.  Now, we just have to stretch out how long it takes for them to get tired of us! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He Promises To Still Love Me

"Thomas, look at your long legs.  You keep growing and growing, I told you to stop that." I smiled at him and he scrunches up his face.

"But, I can't stop mom, I am almost five."

I rubbed his long legs and his very cold feet as he lay beside me running a car up and down the flat sheet pulled tight on our big bed.

"Can't you stay four? I love you being four."

What I wanted to say was that I wanted to freeze time and space and live in that moment maybe forever.  I wanted to think of him with those precious eyes and that perfectly messy little boy blonde hair. I wanted his little foot to still fit in one of my hands. I wanted his heroes to still be tow truck drivers and his daddy. I wanted his whole world to always revolve around cars and his mommy.

"Bryce is going to be five, and I have to be five."

Hard to argue when your best friend is going to change with you.

"Will you still love me when you are five?"

He races his car down a different path on the bed where we lay.


"Will you still snuggle me when you are five?"

Vroom, vroom


"Will you still give me hugs when you are five?"

Two matchbox cars crash


"Can I still give you kisses when you are five?"


I watch him as he continues his pretend car adventure, knowing that our roles have temporarily been reversed. Recognizing it is my job to let him know no matter what happens mommy is always there and it will all be okay, I allow him to reassure me that his love will never waiver regardeless of age or height. I allow my brain and heart to wistfully accept the pie crust promises that things will never change.

I smile at him again, his gaze having never strayed from his tiny vehicles, and I rub the soft top of his little head.

The urge is too great, and I lean my head in closer and cover him in kisses. He drops his car and roars with giggles.

I savor my moment trying hard to remember every little eye lash and every blonde hair, the smell of his skin and the sound of his laughter.

I only have a few more days of "four," and I am going to miss them so much.  But, I have been promised love at age "five," and I intend to collect.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Back To School

Don't feel too bad for them, they both had the ENTIRE week off last week thanks to the S-word!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Gracie is fine, and I am working my way up to about 80-percent physically (kids can bounce back fast from whatever life throws at them), and we have been trapped inside the house with snow and sickness and no school since Monday evening.

I was ready to get out--just for a few minutes.

I had read Grace's blog post about how her kids were enjoying the snow, and how they went sledding at Gracie's school (which is on the other side of their fence).

Now, I am not one to think about sledding, or snow related fun, but I figured the kids had been stuck inside and had really been shafted with now FOUR snow holidays from school with a sick and weak mommy.

So, I loaded up the death trap daddy bought them the year we moved here, and I drove to the school.

I can't tell you how much fun they had.

We started off with a "baby" hill in the parking lot, and moved to a giant hill behind Grace's house.  Thomas of course couldn't get enough of the fast, while Gracie, my less adventurous one, was ready to go back to just a little "whee!"

I got great pictures and I can't wait to share!

Thanks Grace for the idea!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First REAL Snow

Technically the last snow was the "first" of the year, but this one goes down for being the "first" with substance.

I would be more grouchy about it, but I am the second victim to fall in the violent stomach bug war that has waged on our house since Gracie started yesterday.

So, I will just post a cute picture of the snow and the boys that I took with all the energy my legs had in them to walk down the stairs and snap a picture.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Braces Talk

We knew it was inevitable.

Mama had braces, and she wasn't going to be able to talk us out of getting them like daddy talked Mamaw and Papaw out getting the ones he needed.

So, we bit the bullet.  So to speak.

At her last dental appointment in December, Dr. Nash started the conversation about braces and wanted to know if we wanted to go ahead and schedule a free consultation.

I asked Gracie about it, and she was ready to get it out of the way.

The orthodontist is in the same building and with the same dental group we use, and I made the appointment for today.

Gracie got her first set of dental x-rays--which by the way (and she agreed) look creepy!  Because she still has baby teeth it looks like a cave in there.

The doctor said based on the x-rays and her quick exam she could get them on as early as the end of 2014.  She just needs to loose 4 specific teeth, two of which are loose, and the other two don't have tight roots.

I knew we would need to go through this, but I wasn't expecting it to be so soon.

We do want to get it out of the way, especially before high school, but, I also want to take into account her level of responsibility.  Those suckers cost a lot of money, but they also take a great deal of time and care, and she needs to be at an age where she can handle it.

Typical me, I have decided not to think about it until her follow up in 6 months. Typical daddy is all on board and says lets get it done.  Gotta love kids who are blessed with parents who will undoubtedly balance each other out.

So...this is happening.  I am already not dealing with the fact that double-digits is a little over a month.

Snow Day With Bryce

What is the best way to spend a day waiting for the snow?  With your best friend of course!

Gracie was out of school today as the county was expecting the bad weather and apparently decided to err on the side of caution, so Thomas had to let his big sister tag along, but he didn't seem to mind--too much.

We played at Bryce's house, with Bryce's new awesome(ly loud!) claw machine--which was a HUGE hit for all four kids and sometimes needed refereeing about whose turn it was.  Once Thomas' stick-in-the-mud mama announced "last turn!" they did go off and find new an exciting games and toys to play with.

But, it wasn't long before they were all telling us how hungry they were--so, why not make a day of it?

The kids entertained each other as we moms waited in line at Panera for a warm lunch. Mac and Cheese for the kids, and soup for us moms was perfect for such a cold January afternoon.

But, despite the frigid temperatures, the kids were wanting snow--and ice cream.  Our Sweet Frog is right next door to Panera, and they talked us into small servings of frozen yogurt. Seriously, have you seen how cute they all are?!!

The gentleman working at Sweet Frog was just as excited as the kids about snow (possibly for a different reason), and announced to all of us the snow had started.

I love this picture of them all looking and waiting and hoping.

Kids and snow.  A natural love I guess.

Too bad mine have a Snow Grinch for a mama ;)  Although, I reveled in this moment, and a great snow day to spend with friends.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Grandpa's Helper

It is a three day weekend, so we loaded up in the new (i.e. reliable) vehicle and headed to Lynchburg for a nice long visit.

With one boy and one girl, I guess Grandma and Grandpa find it easier to pair up with their mini-me's to spend time the way they want, and no one wants to be Grandpa's helper more than Thomas!

Oh, and that shirt!  Dad (Grandpa) named Thomas "Tank" 5 minutes after he was born, and he won't relent on it. Calls him that name, and that name only, so when we found this shirt...well, it was perfect!  Thomas doesn't usually care at all about his clothes (with a few minor exceptions that I have blogged about ;), but he would wear this shirt every day if he could. He asked me 10 times at least one the ride down "mama, did you pack my Tank shirt?!!"

Thomas got to go with Grandpa to look at two different job sites today.  They weren't doing any work, just sizing up the job.

I think Thomas was in little man heaven!   Then again, I think dad was in Grandpa heaven as well.

**Extra points to grandpa who not only took pictures as I requested, but knows how to use the camera on his cell phone! :) ***

Friday, January 17, 2014

Pictures From Preschool

"N" is for National Guard truck

Today is Show & Tell day, but I have been also waiting for the day when the kids will get to show off their "All About Me" posters,  so for the second preschool day this week, I left my camera in the hopes of getting some shots.

Mrs. Kim, who is always very awesome about taking pictures for this crazy mama, not only took pictures of Thomas (and Bryce& Nathan's) All About Me poster presentations, but since it was Show & Tell, she got a shot of that for me too!  Awe-some!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Snow Of 2014

Gracie spent it waiting for the bus.

Thomas spent it over-bundled and trying to scoop it up with restrictive mittens.

But, just like kids--they still loved the promise of the frozen white fluff.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mommy's Big Princess

She loved the dress...and it was too fitting for her personality.  Apparently she got rave reviews at school, and now she is begging for a Rapunzel-inspired one to wear for her birthday.  Here's hoping I can pull that one off :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

All About Thomas

Thomas came home yesterday with a rolled up paper to be filled out and decorated for preschool this week. What a FUN project!!

1. YES, I did this

2. It was only after he refused to do it

3. Yes, I would have probably cringed the entire time if he had decided to do it himself

4. He wanted to do it after I was almost finished and I did NOT say (out loud) "but, you'll ruin it!"

5. The answers are all his, I just made it pretty

6. It is pretty isn't it?!!

7. Yes, I know I need help, and after preschool/kindergarten with Gracie I
got better and better about butting out of her crafty homework/projects. I will relearn the same discipline with Thomas. I promise.

8. But, it is pretty isn't it?

Birthday Parties Galore!

Who is having a birthday party?!! Everyone!

Okay, not "everyone," but Thomas came home from preschool with two birthday invites in his backpack. Doesn't sound like too much--but wait for it--Thomas and Bryce who are sharing a party, handed theirs out today too! Which means, all the kids except Bryce & Thomas got THREE invites in their backpacks today!!


And, to make it funnier--the two other children are having their parties on back to back weekends and at the same place.

As you know, January-March is already a busy birthday time for us, so add in more parties and we are just going to be celebrating all time time!



21--Grandpa's Birthday
26--Paige's Birthday
26--Paige's Birthday Party
29--Briton's Birthday
30--Matthew's (Cousin) Birthday
31--Daddy's Birthday


 1-- Briton's Birthday Party
 6--Emmy's 2nd Birthday
 9--Thomas' Birthday
13--Thomas & Bryce's Birthday Party
15--Mommy's Birthday
25--Bryce's Birthday
28--Aunt Dawn's Birthday


 5--Gracie's Birthday
25--Grandma's Birthday

Sunday, January 12, 2014

She Won't Starve

"Well, I won't ever starve. I know how to make Mac & Cheese now."

That's my Gracie.

I have been taking more and more opportunities to not only further show her how to do some "domestic" things, but also to give her a chance to do it by herself-- with my guidance.

She is pretty proud of making the macaroni and cheese for her (and brother's) lunch today.

She should be, I know I am.

Friday, January 10, 2014

M Is For...

Mail Truck


Meal with friends!

Eli & Matthew's mom invited the class to join her and her boys for lunch after preschool today, and so we decided to tag along.  So did a few other boys including Bryce.

The boys (yes, it was all boys!) had a great time eating as few bites as they could before begging for play time in the indoor playground.

So, it was kind of like an extra long preschool day--with lunch--and a field trip, especially since Mrs. Tammy stopped by for a milkshake and to tell the boys hi!

I look forward to opportunities like this to get together with the other kids and moms.  Maybe we will have to host next time :)