Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year's Eve

I always like to make a big deal out of little occasions and big occasions and every celebration in between in this house.  Daddy could go all year with out any sort of party (like we party), but me, I love celebrating life and all that comes with it.

So, every year I make a fuss for New Year's Eve for the kids and daddy and I. I get small things and festive plates and such at the Dollar Store and we ring in the New Year--at 9:00.  The kids love it, but I always think "it could be better."

And what could make a G rated New Year's Eve party better?! Friends!

Thomas was thrilled that his best bud Bryce was going to come over and celebrate with him. He really has no clue what we are celebrating-but who cares--Bryce is coming over! ;)

In fact, he woke us this morning to remind us:

"Dad! Today Bryce comes over to my house to eats cheese sticks!!"

With guests to entertain, mommy got lots of fun food goodies and activities and pretty table ware.  All Thomas cared about was making sure we had mozzarella cheese sticks--which are officially his favorite food! 

Bryce and Emmy and their parents arrived around 6 and the big boys did a lot of yelling at the TV, and the little boys played monster trucks and the girls found dolls and stuffed animals to carry around the house while we big girls chatted a bit.

I had a few activities on hand for the kids like a printable, and noisemakers and glow sticks.  They seemed to enjoy them all.  

And, we did our traditional New Year's toast with sparkling grape juice.  (While, I love the tradition--I am not a fan of the taste. Yuck! It is like grape flavored sugar--of course all the kids asked for seconds. Surprised?! ;)

We counted down to 9pm, which was a stretch for ALL four kids, but they made it. And, I had the bubble wrap out for them to jump on.

 It was nice.

It was more than nice, it was wonderful, and I am thrilled that we got to ring in the New Year with the Whitlocks. Such a wonderful family, and it has been so long since I had a friend in the same zip code.

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Grace said...

Great night with great friends! We really had a great time. Bryce got spoiled though because we've never done a New Year's celebration!