Monday, March 31, 2014

Playtime Peek

I went to preschool early today so I could pick up his magnet art work (long story short, they take kids artwork and sell you items as a fundraiser for the school. They always print the magnet off and you can buy it for $6. I always cave), but I ended up getting a little more as I followed them out for playtime before parent pick up.

I love getting a glimpse at some of what he does during the day. Of course the other kids are just so used to me showing up, camera in hand, they don't even flinch any more.

Thomas playing outside with his buddies is such fun to witness, and the other moms seem appreciative of shared pictures.

But, I have to tell you that the magnet was well worth the money, and the wait.  Mrs. Kim used their hand prints to make unique things, and she beamed when she showed me her handiwork.

A hand print tow truck. What else screams "Thomas!"

Awesome job Mrs. Kim.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Soggy Runners

Daddy and Gracie made it to the finish line.  They were soaked when they got there, but they made it!

Gracie did a super job in the Virginia 529 Kids 1 Mile Race competing this year in the highest age group just weeks after turning 10.

Daddy rocked the 10K a few hours after Gracie finished up her run, and he not only had to endure more miles, but way more rain.

We celebrated our two runners with a traditional IHOP brunch afterwards here in Mechanicsville. Then we all found dry clothes, and a few of us the back of our eyelids. (Hey, you don't have to run to get tired keeping up with two kids in the rain and walking a total of 4 miles to see your beloveds do that which is beyond your comprehension)

Friday, March 28, 2014

V Is for


His very first ever Hot Wheels car.

Ah, look how far we have come.

From over 300!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do We Have To Talk About It?

Does this look like a Kindergartener to you?

Does this precious face look like he should be climbing the steps of a bus? Leaving his mama all day? Carrying heavy books in a backpack? Being cared for by a stranger for 8 hours of the day?

No he doesn't.

So, can we stop talking about it?

Maybe stop sending home papers.  Stop practicing songs in music class. Stop listing plans for May on newsletters. Stop discussing what will happen next fall.


I have 57 days until he puts on a blue robe and I cry my eyes out.

I have 160 days until I have to put him on the bus and go home and cry my eyes out.

Stop stealing my moments.

Even if registration is in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Music" In The House

Gracie is super excited to show you what she got to bring home from school today.

Yep, that's a recorder.

Fourth and fifth grade students get to learn these (ahem) "instruments" in music class.

Apparently there will be a concert at the end of the year.

You know I can't wait.  Anyone want tickets? ;)

A Tail Of Two Teddies

Thomas took Little Bear to school today, but when I (over) heard that Bryce took his daddy's teddy bear from when he was a little boy to school, I thought it would be cute to pose Thomas with his  daddy's teddy too.  I should have asked Grace for a picture of them together (I put him in my purse), but it was so cold I didn't want the boys to freeze.

I will have to ask Grace what Jason's bear's name is, but Garren's is "Nutch."

Teddy Bears At Preschool

It doesn't get much cuter--does it?!!

The kids were asked to bring in a teddy bear to school today for music class as they were working on a special song for March (I bet you can guess).

 I checked twice, and it specifically said "teddy bear," so poor Chewey had to stay at home, but Little Bear got a field trip to preschool.

Luckily Thomas has a shirt with a little brown teddy on it.  It would have been a shame for him not to wear it to school today! :)

I couldn't not watch this.  I mean, can you blame me?!!

So I burned 30 minutes getting gas and then I turned around and went back to get some pictures.

 I had originally decided to stand outside the class and video from the glass window in the door, but the music teacher told the kids "I wish I had brought my camera."  Tada! That got me inside, and got me an even better view of all of these cuties!

You want to watch them do the song--don't you?!  Of course!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Car Show

So we all went to a car show at the convention center this afternoon.  Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

So, lets not make mommy try and make it sound interesting...okay. How about I just share cute pictures of the boys enjoying themselves and we will call it a day. :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where's Thomas?

He was kidnapped.  By Grace, even though I told her I could handle it.  She decided she knew better, and dropped by to pick my little handful up for the afternoon.

Of course, she probably did know better--but I could have handled him and his sister and five friends, all afternoon.  But, now I didn't have to try, and I could focus on Gracie and her friends.

Grace, knowing I wanted to know everything he was doing, was sure to send me pictures through out the afternoon.  And, she convinced her husband to send me pictures when he took both boys to watch Arena Racing tonight.

I got stole lots of hugs from my sleepy boy when Jason dropped him off. The rest of the family was in bed as the boy fun didn't end until 10:30!  They clearly had so much fun.  I am very thankful for friends like Grace & Jason.  Clearly, since I can count on one hand (with lots of fingers left over) the people that have taken my son without me for most of the day.  And, you know what--I don't think I worried for even a second.

THE Birthday Party

Gracie has now celebrated the momentous decade celebration 4 times! And lets face it, this is the "big" one.

I am such a bad mom. This is only friend party #2 for her entire 10 years of life.  I threw her a friend party when she turned 5 and invited all of her preschool friends to the church fellowship hall for pizza and cake and games.  That was the last one. Of course, every milestone of her life big and small are celebrated in this house, and I always do her family birthday celebrations up super big with decorations and a handmade cake and all sorts of girlishness--so I think that makes up for least a little. :)

Gracie took a LONG time to finally settle on a party idea for #10.  She wanted to go all sorts of places, but I just couldn't fathom the idea of having to invite all 21 girls from her class and coordinate (not to mention pay) for them to go them somewhere.

I knew that she was in love with the movie Frozen, and she already picked that as her theme, so why not have a movie party? She was thrilled at my idea, and I told her she would have to wait a few weeks to celebrate as the movie didn't come out until the 18th. Still she was excitedly on board. The next part was a little harder, but she rolled with it.  I told her she could pick 5 friends.  My Gracie is such a big hearted little girl, and is friends with everyone she meets. I knew giving her that responsibility would be hard, but we just couldn't fit the entire class in our living room.

I know this picture is out of place, but I just love it!  Of course, they didn't look like this when I found them, I lined them up for a neat picture opportunity :)

She choose 5 friends and I emailed those parents individually for their addresses, because I think it is cruel to take party invites to school for only a few (if that isn't a rule, it should be).

Gracie has been bouncing off the walls all week. She has looked forward to this party since we dreamed it up together.

So, off the bus climbed jumped Clara, Mary Gray, Leanna, & Sarah.  Ashley arrived later in her mom's car.

(I know you are thinking "where's Thomas, read the next entry for that summation :) He was good and having fun with his best friend after Grace "kidnapped" him :)

Since they all had their Reading Olympics medals on fresh from the awards ceremony (Leanna's team came in first, Gracie's came in second, Ashley's in third, and the other girls were on honorable mention teams) I asked (nicely) for a group picture on the porch.

I had a snack set up for them on the back porch, and I excitedly got to use my vintage Tupperwear--yea!  They were all still bouncing from the day, and the bus ride, and the Reading Olympics competition it was a wonder any food made it into their mouths as they giggled and squealed and talked and talked and talked! (It was so cute...and loud)

They spent the remainder of the afternoon playing outside with chalk and our very large collection of outdoor toys.  They went from outside to inside playing and squealing and giggling and talking and talking and talking. (It was cute...and loud)

Then they got bored. Yep--bored! How 6 girls with a full room and a whole outdoors can get bored I have no idea. But they did.  So I did what I do best. I got creative.

We planted some snow flowers (you know I love a theme!) and I made up my own game of "pin the nose on Olaf," I think they liked that the best.  I blindfolded them and gave them each a carrot I cut from orange paper to pin on the printable snowman.  I think they loved this part the best, and they laughed and bounced and giggled and talked and talked and talked. (It was precious...and loud!)

I ordered the pizza and they burned off a few more pounds of girly energy before we sat at the pretty snow-themed table for dinner.

 I had decided to save the movie for last so they could settle in and watch it and (hopefully) wind down.

So they ate, and giggled and laughed and talked and talked and talked.  (it was loud)

Then came the cake.

This is where the story gets "interesting."

See how pretty it is?!

I spent hours on it!

And, then, it caught on fire while I had Gracie pose for a picture with it.

The girls panicked for about 30 seconds, and then the laughing and hooting and rolling of bodies didn't stop until the cake was mostly eaten.

And, then Gracie opened her presents. She is so blessed to have such giving and generous friends.

Thank the Lord, time for the movie.

Realizing I hadn't planned for 6 girls to have to sit on one couch, I got creative...again. And, I made a movie theater by putting the futon in front of the couch.

They loved it. But, demanded blankets and pillows and many many refills of popcorn and drink. (I was seriously waiting for these girls to explode!)

5 bags of popcorn, 7 apples, 1 completely empty bag of chips, 2 x-large pizzas, 3/4 of a cake, 4 1-liter bottles of flavored water, 9 bottles of plain water, and 4 packages of peanut butter crackers later, they were watching the movie.

Well, "watching" is a loose term. They watched with mouths closed for about a third of the movie, the rest was spent loud whisper talking, giggling, and arguing about the rules about singing the songs. (It was hilarious...and loud)

Now, my ultimate idea for this whole Frozen themed day was to capture a video of the girls belting out the Let It Go song. I did.

It is awesome....and loud.


Gracie had a wonderful time, and I think all of her friends did too. She is clearly a very celebrated and very loved little girl.