Saturday, April 26, 2014

Return To Busch Gardens

Those season passes have officially paid for themselves.  Of course, I am super cheap, so I won't be happy until we get double our money.

Thomas and I hung out by ourselves again this trip as daddy was off convincing Gracie to ride roller coasters.

He got lucky this time and she and he tackled the Alpengeist and the Verbolten.

I think he planned on more, but her little body, and her nervous mind couldn't make it past two big ones.

Meanwhile, the preschooler and I hung out in preschooler-areas of the park and enjoyed ourselves, but I got him to do the log flume with me. He wasn't super happy at the end, and I wasn't sure he would ride anything ever again, but it was fun. (Mommy loves log rides!)

Thomas wouldn't ride with me again, but Gracie and I got on a bigger and better flume ride and tackled Escape From Pompeii.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Race Track Fun With Bryce

Thomas invited his buddy Bryce to go to the track with us last September, and now he got a chance to do it again--this time for the spring race.

The boys were excited when we got to the track.

It is pretty much the same thing every race, but the freebies are different, and they put out some new race cars to touch or see or sit in.

I always enjoy taking Thomas. I don't really have a great love for NASCAR, but I am the mom of a little boy who LOVES all things on wheels, and race cars are a part of his little world.

I don't think we walked around as much this year as we have in past, but that was likely because of the HUGE black clouds that were starting to circle around the track.  Garren had been debating about whether or not to get tickets to tonight's race, and the hours of storms that were predicted to hit around race time made that decision for us.

We did stop off in the kids zone and they bounced a little.  And this year there was an indoor exhibit from the Science Museum, so the kids enjoyed that (although not as much as Jason.  Bryce's dad was off today so he joined us for his first race weekend visit to the track!).

It was a fun afternoon, and we headed home with time to get Gracie off the bus and minutes before the rain drops fell.

Thanks for going with us guys!

 April 2014

September 2013

Show & Tell Letter "Y"

We are almost through the alphabet!!! (And I think I get a sticker medal for helping him find a car/vehicle related item for almost every letter of the alphabet --P was chosen for us, we skipped "Q")

Y is for YELLOW School Bus!
(Yeah, I cheated a little here, I would love to know what vehicle you would have done for "Y" and Grace helped me out a bit by suggesting "Yellow Car")

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Musuem

We just got back in the swing of things from Spring Break, and it is only Tuesday, but I am all for a day out!

Grace invited us to go the children's musuem with her and her two precious kiddos today, and we were happy to accept (especially since she has annual passes and can get us in free ;).

We went to the main branch of the musuem on Broad Street and found things slightly re-arranged from our last visit, and found some new exhibits as well.

Thomas always loves a trip to the "bew-seum" and any time spent with Bryce is golden, so he had a great time running around and playing with his best friend.

We "girls" had a good time too.  Well, most of us.  Poor Emmy. The person dressed as McGruff the Crime Dog was there and she didn't want to go within a 100 feet of him.  So, she may have gotten carried--a lot--by me :)

We played for about 2 hours, until it got swamped in there with field trips and ALOT of older kids who aren't especially courteous to younger ones. Of course Grace is always on her game, and we arrived when the doors opened this morning, so we had seen it all and were ready to go when it got crazy.

The kids were hungry, and frankly so was I--so we extended our day out and got some Moe's!

Thanks again for inviting us Whitlocks! We always have great days with you guys!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Egg Dyeing With Friends

 Making messes, and Easter memories is so much better with friends!

Emmy & Bryce and Grace & Jason came over to share in the messy egg fun with us tonight. I passed out the aprons, and I color coded the dye cups.

The rest was just pure fun :)


Happy Birthday Clara

Gracie had so much fun at Clara's  birthday party today.

She along with 9 other friends met up with Clara at All Fired Up in Carrytown and they made stain glass as a project.

I saw Gracie's sketches for her idea, and I wasn't sure how in the world she was going to get a Pegasuses on that small square of glass. But, she did it. She is her crafty mama's girl!

Gracie had so much fun celebrating with her best friend. Thanks for inviting us Clara!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break With Grandma

I am so bad about not blogging about visits to Lynchburg, and in these past few years I am really bad about taking pictures too!

But, the kids, as always had a great few days with Grandma and Grandpa and they did a lot. (we always do). This visit we did more at home than usual as the weather got wet and cold and it kind of rained on any plans. But life is never dull at Grandmas I can promise you that!

Monday: lunch and an impromptu playdate with a friend of mine from middle school!
Gracie LOVED playing big sister to a little sister (she is so put out she got a brother ;)


Tuesday: Yeah, I flaked (apparently) it rained and the kids and mom stayed at home and I did lots of errands.

Wednesday: At the mall.We skipped the bunny, but did ride the train


Thursday: lunch with Grandpa and goodbyes