Friday, May 23, 2014

Bonus Preschool Day

While the school listed today as the "last day of preschool," I really counted that more on Wednesday. Today the kids were dropped off as usual at 9, but we parents came to have a pot-luck lunch with them after they were all downstairs for  magic show at 10.

Of course I said "we parents," but you shouldn't be surprised that I cam in early in a last attempt to share some last time, and last minute preschool moments with my Thomas.

And, I am glad I did (well, of course I am) as I got to go with them to library. Three years at this church, and I had no idea where the library was. It is such a cute place! And, the kids were treated to a last ride on the elevator.  I still remember Thomas coming home from 3 year old preschool class and telling me about the "alligator." Took me weeks to figure out what in the world he was talking about.  He loves getting to ride the "el-agator" with his class, and I just had to get a snap shot of that.

I had just come a few minutes early, so I walked with them to the gym where they sat in rows for the magic show.

Thomas kind of had an idea of how it would all end as we saw this magician last summer at the library.  But, he still seemed to enjoy himself.  And, he and his friends got to pet the bunny in the end.

The kids gathered to say a last preschool mealtime prayer before we found seats with our precious ones to enjoy a lunch.

It was a nice way to say farewell to the school and friends.  But, Thomas nor I said the word "goodbye" once.

 I can't say it. It is too hard, and really it is a lie.

 I can't imagine that this will be last time Thomas sees his buddies, or his teachers. That would truly be too sad.

I didn't take a ton of pictures during and after lunch, but I did have the idea to gather our 3 year old class alumni together and snap  picture. All 7 of those friends were there today, and it was neat to see them all sitting together--still friends even though they ended up in different classes this year.

 Today as preschool graduates

May 2013
 at the bridging ceremony from 3 year old class to 4 year old class

*I also found a bulletin board in front of the main office with the cutest hand print owls, so I had to snap a picture of Thomas' :) ***

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Candice said...

Thomas, I love your owl! I love that he enjoyed preschool so much!