Friday, May 23, 2014

End Of The Year Goodies

My kitchen counter is littered with all the amazing things that came home last night, and today with Thomas.

 His teachers, and the school were so generous with gifts. He received a Bible, and two picture books: all inscribed with notes from Mrs. Tammy & Mrs. Kim.

He gets to keep his tassel, and just in case I didn't get enough pictures from this school year, we were give a photo book full of day to day activities caught on film!

In addition to the gifts, he also received his diploma, and end of the year progress report.

They sent home two sweet self portraits, one he made at the beginning of the year, the other at the end.

Plus a myriad of other precious precious keepsakes for Thomas (well, really me :)

And, I just love that they added a thing of bubbles, and left this note:

That was their reminder to be quiet. Love it!

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Candice said...

How precious! Both of you will treasure all of these keepsakes!