Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gifts Of Love

My kids each made things at school for me, and they were so excited to share. 

Thomas having less patience than his older sister, got his opened first.

With help from teachers, Thomas made me a paper flower, and a canvas with the "mom" on it. It looks like the painters tape craft where they finger paint over the tape and then it is pulled off to reveal the letters.  Too precious.

I also got my annual "questionnaire." With Gracie I could love these and nothing else, with Thomas--well, I am always a bit nervous to read his responses. You never know what he is going to come up with.

It took me a while to figure out #1.  He was apparently trying to tell Ms. Tammy "Characters Welcome." My favorite TV Show is NCIS, and except for new ones on CBS, I watch the reruns on USA. Well, he is not allowed to watch NCIS, so if he escapes from quiet time or gets up at night and it is on, I change the channel, but he hears "USA, Characters Welcome." That is the catch phrase for the USA network, which the TV is usually on if I am getting some much needed "mommy alone time."

As for #2, I think he was thinking the song "God Of Wonder" by Chris Tomlin, which is a great song. I have lots I love. 

But my newest favorite is "Keep Making Me" by Sidewalk Phrophets

I got nothing for #3. I am pretty sure I have never worn those colors together. One day I ran him to school in a pair of brown capris and a pink shirt (they matched, there are pink flowers in the trim of the pants). But, neither he or I are fashionistas, so it doesn't bother me :)

#6 he is talking about Uncle Brian. And Brian LOVED this when I shared it on his FB page!

Number 7 is HIS favorite food, and number 9 is HIS favorite restaurant!  Although kuddos to the teachers for knowing what Butterfly Wings is!!  My favorite place to eat out is Red Robin, and I love Mexican food and Chinese.

The rest is right on and precious! I love seeing what little minds make of the people and world around them.

Gracie made me Hershey Kiss roses and a wrote and drew in a card for me.  

She told me " I did it with my new box of crayons." 

Her daddy went and bought her a 64 pack after she asked me for a pack of crayons for school. Needless to say, she was beyond thrilled as she was expecting a 8 or 16 count.

We attended a lovely church service, and daddy grilled lunch out for us, and we wrapped up the day with a trip to the playground, and cake (I bought it for myself, but Gracie mixed the batter for me, so it counts ;)

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