Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graduation Party

Our school is hosting their graduation ceremony on a Thursday evening at 6:30. Doesn't sound bad, or unusual--unless you have no family in town.

So, that means that it will just be the three of us cheering our big boy on tomorrow. And, I while, to many preschool ending isn't a big deal, I take all of life's steps very seriously. He needed a party. But without family coming in, I would be completely wasting my party-making and theme skills.

So, I threw a party for all of his friends.

Great compromise.  They are all 5 and they have no plans, and I get to make a big deal over my big boy.

Win win.

And, I get a bonus prize as the cake I made (without planning ahead for travel) survived the hot car trip to the park not in a cake carrier and protected by a cardboard box from Costco!

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Candice said...

What a great way to celebrate! Good job on the cake, Mommy!