Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Day Of Preschool

Well it is here.  His last day.

I know there are still many more "first" days of school and "last" days of school to come, but it something about the loss of part-time schooling for full-time "gone" that gets me.

But, I will choke it back down.

I was asked to take pictures of the kids today (which I can't post, because they are a surprise), so I got more than just a small glimpse into the last day festivities.

When I arrived I was told they were in the gym practicing for tomorrow's graduation ceremony. Well, I didn't want to even see or hear a second of that. I have decided the longer I stay in denial about the whole thing, the longer my eyes stay un-puffed.

So, I waited in the classroom.

Thomas was snack helper today, which is his favorite job, and I attempted to get pictures of him as he passed out lunchboxes.

I hung out while they ate snack, and then we went and did graduation pictures. I have never been asked to be the photographer for something--so, you can imagine my relief when I looked back at the photos and they were some of the best I have ever taken! I can't wait to share Thomas' as well!

Since I had some pre-knowledge of the photo "session," I was able to be all, well me, and took in a nice collar shirt and tie for Thomas to change into. I know, I know I have issues.  Well, I may have told Grace too. So, I helped Thomas and Bryce change out of their nice clothes before we headed out to catch up with the rest of the class who were excitedly peeking at the progress being made on the playground.

The old playground was dug up a few weeks ago, and was supposed to be done today.  It looks like it will be done for Friday though, and the kids can play for their 1 hour of school.

***The calendar says that Friday is the last day of preschool, but I am counting today as it was an actual day of preschool. Friday we drop them off at 9 and meet them in the gym at 10 for a magic show and lunch**

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