Friday, May 09, 2014

Parent Breakfast

Each year Kitty's Kids invites the parents to a Parent Appreciation breakfast in May.  Daddy has had to work the past two years, but I enjoy sitting and spending time with Thomas and his friends.

The staff provided doughnuts and coffee cake and juice at the informal affair, and we got to sit around and share 30 minutes or so with out little dumplings.

It happened to be the last day of teacher appreciation week, and we parents were bringing in flowers for the teachers, so that worked out perfectly, and the kids didn't have to try and wrangle stems (and some had thorns).  I think the assorted bouquet came out so neat.  Looks kind of like the class: all flowers, but all different and beautiful in their own way.

We parents left the kids to head up to their classroom, but as they were all lining up near the teacher and hunting for chairs I found a perfect opportunity for some pictures.  Mrs. Tammy, awesome as always, sat there for a few extra minutes and let me (and any other parent that was still in the room) get a group picture.

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