Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pew-Sharing Among Preschool Friends

I told you it wouldn't be last time we saw preschool friends.

Thomas was so excited that Rebecca's mom asked if she could sit with us this morning during our service since she had a talk to give, and her husband was running sound for the 11:15

 Rebecca and Thomas were in heaven sharing a pew, and swapping stories and taking turns with the hymnal.

We took Thomas' new Bible that he received at graduation with us this morning.  He was so enthralled with it. There is nothing more special than watching your child excitedly flip through a Bible and ask you to "read this part."

We have many Bibles here in the house and he has an assortment of baby and toddler versions, but this one was given specifically to him and he has a whole new interest in what's inside.

Rebecca sat with us until children's time, and then she and Gracie and Thomas all went up front for a kids lesson about freedom, and came back with a flag.  We will have to wave our flags and take pictures for Memorial Day tomorrow.

Thank you Keri for sharing your beautiful girl with us this morning, if only for a little while.

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