Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Family

I decided to branch out in my sewing prowess.  Well, okay, maybe a twig-out.  The toddler ties that I have made him are getting to short, so I decided to try and make a full length little boy tie. So, I made my own pattern, and I think it came out pretty cute!  The back half is a little too thick, so it needs some tweaking, but I am excited to try my homemade pattern again with the graduation fabric I ordered. I want Thomas to have a special tie for his special day.

I think my guys looked pretty handsome this morning.  That is his new full length tie on for church. 

(The toddler ties I made have an elastic neck and the fabric tie simply ties around the elastic to make it easy to remove.)

Gracie looks beautiful as ever as well on a Sunday morning.

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