Thursday, May 08, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week," and while year to year I am not consistent in successfully (materialistically) showing my love for my kids teachers, I surely hope that they know just how wonderful of a job they I think they are doing throughout the year.

I am better at sending in notes of thanks and verbally addressing how wonderful they are more so than remembering to send something in one week out of the year. But, thanks to Grace, we had a preschool plan, and Mrs. Tammy & Mrs. Kim will be celebrated all three days this week.

And, since I was on a roll. I made sure that Gracie had a little reminder for Mrs. Mullenaux this week too.

We parents sincerely do appreciate what you do for our children. Not all of us are good at expressing it effectively, but for me, I truly believe what you do for my children is a call from God himself, and I consider myself blessed with the slew of teachers that have been in our lives for the past 6 years.

2007- 2008 (3 year old Preschool)
Mrs. Christine                          Ms. Julie                  Mrs. Stephanie

2008-2009 (4 year old Preschool)
Mrs. Stephanie                           Mrs. Christine

2009-2010 (Kindergarten)
Ms. Orndorff  (teacher)   Mrs. Kupeski  (aid)

2010-2011 (1st Grade)
Ms. Anderson

2011-2012 (2nd Grade)
Mrs. Hayden

2012-2013 (3rd Grade)
Mrs. Joyner

2013-2014 (4th Grade)
Mrs. Mullenaux

2012-2013 (3 year old Preschool)
Mrs. Leslie                                      Mrs. Tammy 

2013-2014 (4 year old Preschool)
Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Tammy

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