Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Thomas' First Lost Tooth

****Candice, skip this blog post. I know how you feel about tooth adventures**

We are having a lot of tooth-excitement around the Shipley house these days.

Thomas' bottom front tooth has been wiggly for a while. In fact, the dentist let us know at his check up in January that both front bottom teeth were loose, so we were prepared.

After waiting for that sucker to fall out for two weeks now, it finally made its exit (with a lot of drama) this afternoon.

I noticed that the "end was near" Wednesday, and I quickly made a tooth fairy pillow so he would have something to put it in.

I was going to make a simple car, but of course, he wanted...a tow truck.

Here's how the afternoon/evening went.

"Thomas, that tooth is really loose, please get it out." 

"It hurts." 

"I know it hurts a little sweetheart, but it is bleeding quite a bit, so it is ready to come out."

 "(in between tears and sniffles) I want to watch Mighty Machines."

"Okay, but you have to wiggle while you watch. I am going to mop the floor."

(More sniffles, cries, and panic over the whole thought/process)

"Thomas if you pull that tooth out I will take you to the gas station and you can pick out any drink you want."

"(sniff) And ice cream too?!"

"Look Thomas, see how far it is going? We really need to get it out."

"(Mommy does a final gentle pull with a dish towel) Thomas, it is just laying there, pick it up!"

"It's loose! It's loose!"

"Look Thomas, there it is, it's all done!"

"(Gasp, excited) Now I am going to get a golden tooth like Bryce."

Mommy explains this is not the case.

We go and get a Mountain Dew.....and an ice cream bar.

----Bed Time----

"Lets put the tooth in your tooth fairy pillow!"

"The toof fairy comes tonight?!"


"I want to see her."

"You can't sweetie, she won't come until you are alseep."

"Can I have a story?"

"Yes, and I even think we have one about a lost tooth."

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