Monday, May 05, 2014

Three Lost Teeth & A Hair Cut

Gracie lost THREE teeth last week.

Yes, three in one week.

Tooth #13 came out Monday almost bed time.

Tooth #14 came out Wednesday night after she had gone to bed

Tooth #15 came out Friday during the surprise baby shower for her teacher while eating her snack. (I was there for that one too)

Thank goodness she only has one left to lose. And, of course #16 is already pretty wiggly.  Next to come in will be four 12 year old molars.

And, while her mouth is under a big ole' change, I figured her hair could stand one too. It is getting so warm out, and the temperatures for this week are going to be pretty summer-like. So, I chopped it after shower last night.

I think it looks pretty good on her, but it makes her look older--doesn't it?!

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