Monday, June 30, 2014

Counting Cars--Again

So last summer we dumped all of Thomas' cars out and sorted and counted them on a whim. He wanted to play with his cars outside, and wanted me to play with him. Well, my idea of good car fun is sorting ;)

Well, I mentioned something about it last week, and now he has been dying to do it again.

Of course he would pick today with temperatures in the 90's, but I digress....

So, got any guesses?

Last year's count (August 2013) was 304.  This year was obviously more, but the funny thing is a few months ago I had to downsize his collection. They were spilling out all over the place. So, I filled a plastic Walmart bag and sent it to Grandma's house for him to play with there. I would say there were easily 50-100.


But, today, after sorting here's the tally: 524!  That is a HUGE HotWheels/Matchbox car collection!!

Guess Who Has A New Computer

This lady (who totally doesn't deserve it).

Can you tell?!!

So, bear with me while I work out the kinks--and catch up on blogging from last week while Garren moved all the "brains" from my elderly computer to this new "whipper snapper" of a Mac. Yep, he didn't really give me much choice. Every device in our house now talks to the others.  Eh, I got a new computer and it hasn't crashed on me once!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jesus Loves Me

Pastor Jay decided to end today's church service with one of his favorite hymns from his childhood Bible Schools. As you know, Thomas learned that song in Bryce's Bible School last year, and he was just too precious singing his first hymn at our church I had to pull the camera back up.

Watch this precious one!

Bible School Sunday

We were sure to invite the Rickman family to join us this morning for the 11:15 service. It felt nice to fill a whole pew!

The girls were a bit nervous about going up front to sing. It was just one song, but the older kids only got music time in the beginning of each day. They did not have a "music class" in their rotation.

Of course our Thomas was thrilled to go up "on stage." He has been asking when he gets to do that all week. Not a shy bone in that tiny body!!  And, he belted it and danced it out loud.

It was a good week. An exhausting week, but a good one.

We are so glad you could join us Clara and Jacob. Hopefully you will come back another Sunday too!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bible School (Our Church) Day 5

Color: Orange

Thanks to a lot of youth hands in and out of the gym that day, the quit was completed and I helped hang the finished product in the church foyer.

And, I got it all done before the big Bible School finale in the sanctuary.

All of the parents were invited to see the end and get a recap of what happened this week and hear the kids sing.  We were also reminded to come back Sunday and let the kids wear their t-shirts as they will be invited to come up to the front and sing a song.

I really think our four kids had a blast, and they seemed so excited at the end of each day.  Bible School's really are an awesome way to get kids excited about Jesus.

To cap off a great Bible School week, we had a lunch with our friends as well (and the rest of the Bible School kids in Mechanicsville). Earlier in the week Rebecca's mom had asked if we wanted to go to Chick Fil A after Friday's close and have a lunch date. Well, Clara's dad mentioned being hungry and wanting Chick Fil A too, so Thomas had two friends for lunch, and Gracie had a friend for lunch!  Of course, I think our plans were over heard by every other parent. Chick Fil A was swamped with orange shirts!

Bible School (Our Church) Day 4

Color: Green

My job was finished yesterday for photography, but there was a different kind of crafty need that was right up my alley: quilting!

The art person had each child make/color a paper square that was to be made into a larger group quilt. It was a 22 by 22 square job that took hours to just start today. I have been put in charge of completing it by tomorrow!

Anyway, I did't get to see as much of my kids, but Thomas and his class came in the gym for their daily play with the parachute, so I paused the project and got a few pictures.

And, when I went to pick up Gracie, her woodworking project was done: a child sized Adirondack chair! And she gets to take it home! How awesome is it to be a fourth and fifth grader at VBS!

Gracie's Day

The older classes staggered their mission projects, so the Yard Sticks did not have a field trip today, but they did finish their chairs and had a talk with Pastor Jay.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bible School (Our Church) Day 3

Color: Yellow

Thomas and Gracie seemed to have another great day at Bible School. I didn't get around as much as I did yesterday, but I was still able to capture a few moments.

I was back for round two of class pictures, so I am sharing the shot I got of Jacob's class.

Gracie's Day

The girls went with their class to the Food Bank and sorted and stacked and counted cans and non-perishable foods. They also crossed out UPC codes on the packaging. Gracie said they had to go in the building in groups of four as the facility was very small.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bible School (Our Church) Day 2

Color: Red

Since it was my job today to be photographer, I got to get some good pictures of my kids today.

Gracie's Day

Today they worked on their wood working project and heard from Habitat for Humanity and all their program has to offer.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gracie's First Sleepover

Okay, it was MY idea, but I had planned to host the first sleepover--not have the idea and force it on another mom.

Okay, I didn't force it--Becky was more than willing to jump on the "first sleepover" grenade, in fact she insisted.

I have promised to take the next one, so Clara has a chance to stay at our house.

I did ask for pictures, as this is in fact Gracie's FIRST sleepover (it is Clara's too, even though it is at her house), and Becky was kind enough to send me several.

The girls are having a blast sharing their day and night together, and both of us moms are hoping they get enough sleep to make it through tomorrow's Bible School schedule!

Bible School (Our Church) Day 1

Color: Blue/Purple

They didn't need my photo services today (I am the official Bible School group photographer), so I headed out for some errands, and "me time."  But, before I left I begged Gracie's VBS teachers to capture pictures for me of her very first mission trip!

Gracie's Day

These kids went to a local nursing home to plant flowers and visit with residents. Gracie said it was hot, but a lot of fun. I am so glad she is getting this opportunity, and that she can have a friend by her side. She can be so shy, and that keeps her from really experiencing many things.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weenie Roast'n

Looks like this might become a summer staple event.

I think this is the 3rd time have pulled out the hotdogs and sticks since daddy bought the fire pit Father's Day weekend.

The kids love it, and I love that it is an easy dinner with easy clean up.

Since we took the Rickman family with us to Bible School kickoff tonight(well, they took us technically since Thomas is in love with their mini van and she was kind enough to drive so he couls ride in it), we invited them to stay at the house and have hot dogs and s'mores with us.

It ended up being a late dinner as the ice cream social at the church wasn't done until after 7, but the kids didn't mind. They loved the fire pit and the hotdogs--of course the s'mores were the biggest hit.

Bible School Kick Off

Now it is time for Bible School round 2!

We invited Gracie's best friend Clara and her brother Jacob to come to Bible School this week with our kids, so we thought it fitting to go to the kick off together.

Gracie and Clara will be in one of the 4th grade classes and they will get to do mission work this week for the first time! Gracie is super excited about that opportunity, and we are excited for her. Plus, getting to share that experience with your best friend just makes it all the more awesome.

We made sure all the kids found their rooms and met up with Bible School teachers.

Thomas will be a "Saw Horse" with preschool friends Rebecca and Jansen.

Gracie and Clara are "Yard Sticks."

And Jacob is a "Drop Cloth."

As if the kids weren't excited enough to be going to Bible School together, the church buttered them up even more with ice cream and choose your own toppings!

I think these four are going to have a great time together this week, and I am so excited to see how they will grow with God!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Together Again

 We've got Gracie back.

And, I think the most excited person is Thomas! He mentioned (gloomily) at least twice every day:
"I miss Gracie."

So sweet. And so not what I was expecting.

Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to meet me and Thomas half way so I didn't have to squeeze a 5 hour round trip into our already busy weekend.

Grandpa picked the meeting place: "Wood's Grill" in Charlottesville and it was delicious!

We ate dinner and relaxed for a little while before loading up three times as much stuff as I left her with (grandparents, argh!) and headed home.

Gracie had more than a wonderful week--she was in heaven having her grandparents all to herself and leaving mommy and daddy and a pesky brother behind.

And, we do plan to find a way to let Thomas have a few days with G & G by himself. He keeps reminding us that he needs a turn.  Of course I can't leave him for a week--that is too much for any person--but we will see about trying a long weekend somewhere before summer ends.

Library Ice Cream Social

Ice cream?  Sidewalk chalk?

Yes please!

Thomas was excited to go the library this morning for their Summer Reading kickoff. I would love to say it was because of his love for reading, but really, it was for the ice cream sundaes.  Eh, he's 5.

Thomas topped his vanilla with chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles and mini M&M's. That's a kid's dream sundae there.

When he finished his mountain of sugar he went out and made several truck & car creations with chalk on the library's sidewalks.

He was a bit bummed there were no regular story time friends there, but I still think he enjoyed himself.

We love our library, and Mrs. Carolyn, and extra fun events!