Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back To School Night

It was a first for me with two kids, two teachers, two different classrooms, and 2 full hours at the school.

Our elementary school plans out back to school night with K-2 having theirs from 5:30-6, then there is a PTA meeting and dinner from 6-7, and then 3rd-5th grade has their turn from 7-7:30. So, it was a long evening.  But, we got to everyone and saw all there was to see with what's new for both kids.

Thomas went first.

After listening to Mrs. Naff go over policies and schedules and what's happening on a daily basis and things to come, Thomas was excite to show me all sorts of things in his classroom.

His soap was the first used for the class :)

His spot on the rug.

His cubbie.

His paper person and his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.

His picture on the classroom bulletin board.

Here's his elephant craft.

 He is line leader this week and super proud!

And, I found those drop-in-the-buckets he has been talking about.


I didn't plan on eating at the school tonight, in fact there was a pot roast waiting for us when we got home.  So, the kids and I filled the hour until Gracie's turn.

Gracie's class last year was used to make a library tour guidance system with videos.  We couldn't wait to see Gracie and her partner's video tour.  Thomas I think loved it the most.  It was really neat. There are pictures of the kids from Mrs. Mullenaux's class in pairs around the library, and if you hold and ipad on the picture it will load a video for you to watch about that subject (i.e. checking out books, returning books, reading Olympics, etc).

After watching Gracie's videos we headed to the playground for the remaining 40 minutes.


Then it was Gracie's turn.

Best friend Clara was there with her family, so she and Gracie sat at a bigger table and drew while I listened to Mrs. Madison.  Meanwhile, Thomas sat and listened Jacob (Clara's little brother) read him several stories in a comfy chair.

It was a lot the same as it is every year, going over policy and rules and what to expect. But, I wasn't prepared for one of the last slides in the presentation that talked about signing up for middle school classes and visiting the schools and the 5th grade graduation.  Ick!  I can't describe the instant stomach ache I got on that one.

Gracie proudly showed off her interview project outside the classroom on our way out. She interviewed Mary Gray, and Mary Gray interviewed her.

Yet again, we are blessed with two great teachers for our kids, in a wonderful school!

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Candice said...

It sounds like their school year is off to a great start!