Thursday, September 18, 2014

Frozen On Ice

For the 5th fall in a row, I have popped for the tickets to Disney on Ice and Gracie and I have had a girly night out.

As you know, I am unbelievably cheap! So, actually buying the tickets every year is a painful process--but just like the last 4 performances, tonight was well worth the money.

These people always know how to put on a spectacular show.

As it happened Clara's mom got tickets for her kids tonight as well, so Gracie got to have the experience with her best friend (making it all the better I have no doubt).

While Gracie always tries to dress up for these events, this is the first year she had a dress to match a princess. I had an idea.

And, I think I did pretty good with an Elsa inspired dress.  Gracie loved it, and really, that is all that matters.

Of course, we had to really go above and beyond, so she wanted the tiara that Grandma & Grandpa had given her a few years back, and I pulled her hair into a bun. Then, she remembered the long white gloves she got from Grandma's cedar chest this summer.  Unfortunately her new dress shoes were brown, but other than that she looked completely "Frozen."

I always attempt to take pictures, and remember quickly that videos are a better idea as we are too far, and there are far too many spot lights to get good photos.  And, ordinarily I would only post one video, but I thought Jolee would love to see all the songs, so I am going to post them all.

If you have an opportunity to take your child to a Feld Entertainment production of Disney on Ice, I assure you (as a cheap person) the admission is well worth the experience.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

For The First Time In Forever

Open Up The Gates

With You

Reindeer Are Better Than People

Let It Go


Ice Fortress Duet


Let It Go--Finale

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Candice said...

We love Disney On Ice and Disney Live! Even Elliott admits that it's good! I'll show Jolee the videos tomorrow. She didn't take a nap and is already asleep.